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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/3/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

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I recommend you bookmark it.

If one of the links in here is ever not working, you can just go there direct and find the story.

Also, I want to encourage you bookmark that and check it if you want more info throughout the day.

I try to curate the best, hand-picked articles I can find for you each night in this Newsletter, but truth is we often have more than I can cover in here.  So if you’re not checking our homepage, you’re missing out on a lot.

Ok, there you go!

Now to start tonight I want to start with something fun that I think you’re going to like.

What I’m about to show you is several decades old, but I found it recently in some old family documents and I thought it was so fun!

In fact, we ended up doing it as a family activity over Easter and everyone loved it.

So I want to throw it out there to you:

Can you get more than half of these?

Without cheating by using Google or AI?

If so, you might be a genius.

We eventually got all of them over Easter but it took a big group of us and some took some extra time!

Here’s a zoom in:

Shoot me an email if you can get them all….or let me know if you had fun trying!

Ok, now on with the news….

I saw this today and it sent me on a bit of a rant:

LIVE FREE: I’m Noah and I Approve This Message!

Do you agree?

And remember how Joe Biden drained the Strategic Oil Reserves, but then claimed it was ok because he would refill them later?

Another lie:

Biden Admin: Just Kidding, We’re Not Refilling The Strategic Oil Reserves!

Next is an update on a story we first brought you last week:

UPDATE: Daily Wire Correspondent Posts New Details On The Red Heifers In Israel

Next let's talk about The Matrix.....

Great movie, right?

At least Part 1 was.

But did you know about this?

BLUE-PILLED: Meet The Wachowski “Brothers”

Have you ever seen anything more strange?

And I love this next one:

JUST IN: Democrat ‘Rising Star’ Defeated By Republican, Flipping Mayor Seat In Biden Territory

This one too:

BREAKING: Democrat Senator Switches Parties To Republican

Really good advice here:

The One Place in America You Want to Avoid (And There’s One in Every City)

And more great news in the fight against Chemtrails:

Tennessee Bill To Ban Chemtrails Heads To Governor’s Desk

And I don't want to cause alarm (I'm actually doing the opposite of that) but can anyone explain this?

Why Are So Many States Declaring Emergencies BEFORE The Eclipse and Cancelling School?

Don't miss this:

Millions at risk if Trump’s statement is True??!

And then we have something you'd think would be satire....

Straight out of The Onion?

Sadly not:

Zelensky (Who Needs Your Tax Dollars) Just Bought King Charles’ Former Mansion For $25 Million

I'd say it's far past time to stop sending him billions of our taxpayer dollars.

Sending our tax dollars to a foreign country is Treason anyway if you ask me.

From the very first dollar.

Washington and the boys would NOT have stood for this, not past the first dollar.

And we end with our top story....

This one comes from the heart:

CRITICAL MASS: We’re Now Over 200,000!

Let's keep it going!

Ok, that's all for tonight.

Your friend,



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