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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/6/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night report.

How are you?

Things good?

I’m so excited to bring you all our stories tonight, let’s get right to it.

Since the MSM won’t cover this one, we sure will:

Trump’s Surprise Millennial Wave: Here Are the Polls They Don’t Want You to See

And also this:

President Trump Gets EXCELLENT News!

Major RED ALERT next…

This starts this month, and I suspect it’s already begun:

BREAKING: mRNA Vaxx Going Into Pigs and Cow Milk THIS MONTH!

And how about this one….

Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Enforce Legislation Preventing Biological Males From Competing in Girls’ Sports

Very interesting here, from Leo:

Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies In Federal Trial Alleging CCP, Malaysian Financer Attempted to Funnel $20-30 Million to Obama Campaign

Do NOT sleep on this story…

It will be the most important thing you are about to live through.

Very destructive.

Make sure you are prepared:

Congressmen Introduce Bill To SAVE U.S. Dollar

Huge news from Mike Lindell who today did what everyone said was impossible:

WATCH: Mike Lindell Announces Historic FIRST For Election Integrity!

Great job Mike!

Thanks for all you do!

And this next one is really scary:

They’re Calling It “Turbo Cancer”

I will never forgive them for what they did to us.

So terrible the lives that have been lost.

Cut short.

This next one is pure evil on every level:

Newly-Opened Abortion Clinic Sets Weekly Quota For Number of Unborn Babies Killed

Have you seen this?

Trump’s Arraignment: His 10 Words that Left Everyone Speechless

And we end with our top story:

Get Read To EAT Your Vaccines…Major Changes Coming This Month!

Please share and tell your friends!

That’s a wrap and I am TIRED tonight!

I’m gonna get some rest and I will see you back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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