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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 4/9/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and I have to say right off the bat….Happy Resurrection Sunday!

That’s something that got popular a few years ago and I love it.

No, I’m not saying you can never say “Easter”.

And no, I’m not saying we can’t have an Easter Bunny.

Go ahead and do both.

And for those who are confused why either would be a problem, “Easter” comes from the ancient Pagan goddess “Ishtar” and as for the Bunny, sorry but the Bunny didn’t die for you, the Lamb did.

So there you go.

So stick with those terms if you want, but don’t forget to place the focus where it belongs: Resurrection Sunday!

And while we’re on the topic, you just gotta love this:

Ok, now moving on to today’s news, and sticking with our topic we go to President Trump and his powerful Easter Message:

President Trump Just Told Us: “We Will Be Back!”

Then we go to something a little off the beaten path but very interesting to me.

Remember the Trump Roast?

I found this clip really interesting:

Inside the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump

Then we go to Arnold.

You know, the guy who came to America to flee Austria…

The guy who gained EVERYTHING from America….

And the guy who a year ago during the Planned-Demic said “Screw your freedoms!”

Yeah, that guy.

Looks like his PR company finally told him that was a REALLY bad thing to say and he’s now in damage control:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes For “Screw Your Freedom” Comment, What Do You Think?

Sorry Arnold, apology NOT accepted.

I’ll keep my Freedoms, thank you very much….but SCREW YOU!

Oh, and get the hell out of America while you’re at it.

Go somewhere with no Freedoms, that’s what you like, right?

Or is it just Screw Freedom for the little guys and definitely not big-bad-Ahhhhhnold?

Screw you loser.

Speaking of losers, this next one is really sick:

Viral Video of Dalai Lama Appearing to Ask Male Child to “Suck My Tongue” Sparks Massive Outrage

We cannot confirm if this is real of a Deep Fake, but it sure does look and sound real.

What do you think?


This guy is demented if that’s real.

Demented and looks like a pedo to me!

Last night, a few hours after Sleepy Joe went to bed, Donald Trump, Kid Rock and Iron Mike Tyson all went to UFC 287….and the crowd went NUTS!

Check this:

Trump Receives Thunderous Applause As He Enters UFC With Kid Rock and Iron Mike!

That, my friends, is the only true President of the United States right there!

This next one is very scary:

U.S. Govt. Docket No. OP–1670 Gives FED Power to Seize Control of U.S. Bank Accounts!

Make sure you and your assets and your family is protected!

This next one is OLD, but if you haven’t seen it before it will warm your heart.

Even if you have seen it, it’s worth watching again:

U.S. Marines Sing “Days of Elijah” At Camp Pendleton

Then we have something VERY personal that I’m sharing in this next one:

I Had A Job, Once… [FROM NOAH]

More on Gold….

I keep warning you:

Gold: “Yearly High Breakout Confirmed” — $3,000 Next?

And we end with our top story:

Democrat Senator Hospitalized

Ok, that’s a wrap!

I’ll see you all back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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