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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/10/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

I love Fridays….

Yes, of course because we’re heading into the weekend, although that’s not the main reason.

I like the work week just as much.

Because I love what I do here so much, it never feels like working to me.  I love it!  I love what we do and the mission we’re on here.

But the real reason I love Fridays is because like I always tell you, that’s when they love to dump the big stories, because they think no one is watching.

And oh boy, today did not disappoint.

So much to show you, and not just quantity either — these are BIG reports.

I want to start with this, because everyone is talking about it right now (suddenly — out of nowhere):

WARNING: Most Severe Solar Storm In 20 Years To Hit Earth TONIGHT

So a million people have covered that today.


But here's where my mind is going:

ALERT: Is The “Solar Flare” Scare A Cover For An EMP Attack?

Now let's hit some big ones...

Starting with this beauty:

Articles of IMPEACHMENT Filed Against Joseph R. Biden

And then we have this next one which is completely unrelated to the Articles of Impeachment:

BREAKING: The Biden Administration Is Now Under Investigation For ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

That is one brave man, well done sir!

You are 100% right!

And then we go down to Georgia where things continue to unravel and the truth is starting to ooze out:

BREAKING: Georgia’s Election Board Now Admits Violations Of Election Law 2020 + 3,000 Ballots Scanned Twice!

I told you it was a huge day!

Next up, we have to talk about the economy.

Actually, I don't like that word -- "economy" -- it's so impersonal.

I don't care about the economy, I care about what is about to hit YOU...and me.

And it's looking really bad.

Check this out:

JUST IN: Billionaire Real Estate Investor Barry Sternlicht Expects One Bank Failure PER WEEK!

That guy is no slouch, when he speaks you would be wise to listen (and act!).

I know I am.

It's why I keep shouting about Gold so much:

MISES INSTITUTE: As the Dollar Falters, Gold Becomes Insurance, Not Speculation

I hope you're listening and taking action.

That article above has all the info for how you can get a good amount of Gold for "NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET".

Yes, real deal, no smoke and mirrors here.  Very serious.

This is also very serious:

GRAPHIC NYC VIDEO: Man Wraps Belt Around Woman’s Neck, Drags Her Around, Rapes Her

I support the death penalty for this man, how about you?

Then we have a surprise turn of events for Barron Trump today.

Details here:

Here’s Why Barron Trump Declined A Position As Republican Delegate In Florida

Big update on my New Mission next....

I sure hope I can count on you for Tuesday?

An Update On My Mission — Now One Year In [From Noah]

And I know this next one will help a lot of people....

Take a look here:

The One Kit You Need to Declare Independence from Big Pharma and Big Government

And we end with our top story tonight....

Every single one of those "Get Trump" cases is absolutely imploding!

It's almost as if these are not serious people who didn't have any idea how to practice law!

KEY Witness For Prosecution In Hush Money Case Will No Longer Take Stand!

Gotta run.

Your friend,



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