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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/14/22



Hey friends,

Noah here, Happy Saturday!

I have to start off with this tonight…

Joe Biden tried to insult President Trump by calling him the “Great MAGA King”…

Other Democrats are labelling us as #UltraMAGA

And you know what?

We take both as big compliments!

That’s why I love this shirt so much and wanted to actually show you tonight:

Awesome right?

They only made a limited first run, so some sizes may be sold out (sorry if that’s you).

Check sizes and availability here.

I also have one other announcement before we hit the news…

Our friend Pastor Robb, who we usually share his messages each Sunday, is continuing to face some health problems.

He’s been in for surgery and has to go back again soon because the first one didn’t clear everything up.

So will you please join me in praying for Pastor Robb?

He said he’s still doing his livestream preaching tomorrow, but he’s not well.

Thank you for keeping him in your prayers — Pastor Robb Goodman.

Ok, now the news…

And we start with this:

Trump’s Pick for AZ Governor Holds Double Digit Lead

She is so fantastic, and she’s going to make a GREAT Governor!

I think she’ll immediately rise to the level of South Dakota’s Noem, Florida’s DeSantis, Iowa’s Reynolds and others who are strong pro-Freedom, pro-Liberty Governors!

Next we move to another favorite from today:

Kash Patel: Peter Strzok May Face Prosecution Soon

Folks, when it starts it will go very, very fast and it’s coming soon!

It’s been a long process, but the cases are built and soon we will see the glory fall.

Next up is a terrible story to report on — top news from today:

BREAKING: 10 Killed in Mass Shooting at Buffalo Supermarket, Shooter in Custody (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

More details here:

Latest Update: Mass Shooting at Buffalo Grocery Store; Suspect Allegedly Live Streamed and Posted Manifesto

I’ll cover this more in depth tomorrow, because already several things don’t look right.

Stay tuned!

And next up, I don’t even know what to make of this:

BREAKING: IRS Destroyed 30 Million Documents!

If you or I did that….can you imagine?

Then we have a real treat.

This is Patty Greer, who I’ve known for a couple years through her C60 company, but I had no idea about her other history…

Don’t miss this one, the pictures alone are incredible:

Patty Greer: Spinning Plasma Orbs? Genesis 6:4 Connection?

I’d love to hear what you think of that after watching the interview.

Where do you land?

Do you have any personal experiences?

Let me know!

Next let’s talk Kathy Barnette…

I have gotten very tired of the support of Oz and the attacks on Barnette, so I did a deep dive today and got to the truth.

Read here:

WE INVESTIGATE: Did Kathy Barnette Endorse BLM and DefundThePolice?

Then we have a major update from Julie Green, plus a wonderful new message.

If you haven’t seen her recently on YouTube, here’s why:

Julie Green BANNED From YouTube, Shares Major Update

Big update from our friend Mike Lindell next…

THANK YOU Mike for continuing to fight!

Mike Lindell Plans To File Election Lawsuits In ALL 50 STATES!

👉 Always use promo code WLT to unlock the maximum savings!

And we end with this one…

Democrat House Majority Leaders Says “WE ARE AT WAR”

We’re at war?


When did that happen?

Was there a declaration of war by Congress?  Because if not, I believe this is all HIGHLY unconstitutional!

Who goes to prison first?

These people are evil, but no one ever said they were very bright…

Your friend,



Brand new shirt released today and only a limited amount of sizes in stock.This is personally a favorite of mine….Check availability and sizes here:


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