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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/15/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and Happy Monday to you!

We start tonight with a surprise breaking story: Durham has been activated!

After YEARS of almost complete silence, today Durham published his 300 page report.


Breaking: Durham Report Finally Drops! “Devastating” for FBI

Even CNN is admitting it is devastating to the FBI and exonerates Trump:

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Durham Report: “It Does Exonerate Donald Trump”

President Trump himself then responded:

Donald Trump Responds to Durham Report

Next up is a crazy one…

We’ve been telling you about Chemtrails for years…

Now even the MSM is admitting it.

Check this out:

Mainstream Media Admits Bill Gates Funds Chemtrail Experiments?

Next we have the first statement from Twitter’s new CEO.

My thoughts:

Twitter’s New CEO Releases Her First Public Statement

I found this next one pretty funny.

My man, you might want to rethink this:

Former Trump Cabinet Member Considering 2024 Presidential Run

Very scary report next:

BREAKING: Staffers of Congressman Attacked With Baseball Bat

And we end with our top story…

This is huge.

Bigger than Watergate.

The Biden takedown is in process, you just haven’t seen the end yet.

But it’s coming.


MTG: “This Is Not A Game, Whistleblower Is Safe, This WILL Bring Down The President”

Your friend,



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