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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/18/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Wednesday edition of the Newsletter, and I’ve got some big ones to show you tonight!

We have a couple stories no one else is reporting on yet.

Let’s jump right in…

We start with this:

(WATCH) Phoenix Fire Officials Respond to Massive Blaze Near Factory

How much you wanna bet it ends up taking down another food processing facility?

And I was really sad to see this, but I believe he has bigger things coming just around the corner:

Madison Cawthorn Loses Republican Primary In Re-election Bid

Next up is my personal favorite…

That lasted shorter than CNN+!

Biden’s Ministry Of Truth Paused, May Be Permanently Shut Down!

And in light of everything we’re seeing happen right now, I thought it was timely to revisit this:

Flashback To President Trump’s Declaration Of War On The Deep State

Never forget about that!

I think you might be seeing a whole lot more about it in the news very soon…

And how awesome is this?

Elon trapped them and exposure is coming!

Twitter Must Now Prove It Did Not Falsify S.E.C. Filings

Yes, this affects all of us because it’s how they lied to us and shifted public opinion!

The truth is all coming out and it can’t be stopped…

Next is very important:

(WATCH) Dr. Malone, “Subclinical Myocarditis May Be Occurring in a Majority of Vaccine Recipients”

And don’t miss this from Mike Lindell:

Mike Lindell’s MySlippers: $90 Off! [Limited Time Only]

God bless you Mike, we’ve got your back!

👉 Always use promo code WLT to unlock the maximum savings!

Next is something I originally reported on a few weeks ago, and today we have new footage!

Watch here:

NEW VIDEO: Is There A Satanic Portal Hanging Over The White House?

Love to get your thoughts…

And we end with our top story:

Have You Heard Of A “Warrant Canary”? TruthSocial Has One, Twitter and Facebook Do Not…

Oh my, it’s starting to get REALLY fun, isn’t it?

Sit back and enjoy the ride…

Your friend,



Something brand new for you tonight…

How awesome is this?  #UltraMAGA baby!

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Who loves ya baby?

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