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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/18/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with a powerful Thursday night report.

We start with an update on a story we brought you last night:

Capitol Official Reveals What Caused American Flag to Fly Upside Down

You buying that story?

Then we go to Ron DeSantis.

Folks, I’m just going to say it as plain as I can….

I know he’s done good things for Florida, but something about him feels VERY “off” to me.

To quote one of the commenters on my site, he’s a “Bush elite beta male”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now take a look at this and try not to cringe:

Ron DeSantis Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons…

Then we go to Matt Gaetz who continues to do incredible work:

WATCH Matt Gaetz: “The D.C. FBI Field Office CONFIRMED” FBI Informants Infiltrated J6 Protests

Disband the FBI!

Shut the whole thing down and start over!

And from that we go to something even bigger.

For everyone who says “nothing is happening” I give you this:

BREAKING: Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden Introduced

Next up is a warning to ANYONE who has money in a bank.

It is NOT as safe as you think it is.

Read this:

URGENT: U.S. Govt. Docket No. OP–1670 Gives The FED Power to Seize Control of U.S. Bank Accounts! Do THIS Now…

Thank you so much to my good friend Robb for telling me about this next one.


Trey Smith With Donne Clement LIVE From Mar-A-Lago!

And more bad news for Magneto errrrrr I mean “Soros”:

Soros-Backed Attorney Resigns After Investigation Reveals ‘One of Most Egregious Hatch Act Violations’

Have you seen this?

WE INVESTIGATE: Dandelion Root Kills 98% Of All Cancer?

And we end with our top story….

I’ve always loved the old Gunslinger:

Brett Favre Explains the Main Difference Between Trump and Biden

#4 has got #45’s back.

Your friend,



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