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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/22/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Sunday edition of the Newsletter….how are you?

I hope you had an amazing weekend!

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This is me 👉

Ok, now for some huge news that always gets buried on a Sunday…

We start with this:

Prophetic or Coincidence? Monkeypox Outbreak Happened in Exact Week Predicted by 2021 Munich Simulation

Yeah, what are the odds, huh?

Unless it was…planned?

And for something fun, enjoy this — I know I have — I’ve watched it probably 10 times!

HILARIOUS: The Latest Trump Dance, Featuring Durham!

Same here:

One of the Most Inspiring Trump Videos You Will EVER See: We Fix This NOW, Not In 2024

And from our good friend Clif High, please enjoy this one:

CLIF HIGH: Trump’s Return and the Reason Trump Pushed The Vaxx Finally Revealed?

I actually had this pop up in the Telegram SuperChat this week and had to cover it today:

READER TESTIMONIAL: Mike Lindell’s MySlippers

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Mike!

I’m right there with you!

I grabbed a new set of bedsheets this week….treat myself!

And then we have this:

WATCH: Kamala’s “Please Clap” Moment

Welcome to the club, Kammy!

The Hyena has entered the “Please Clap” club.

And since it’s Sunday, I bring you this amazing message of hope and truth:

God Is Real, Here’s The Proof! (Featuring James Perloff)

And from the prophetic voices:

PROPHETS AND PATRIOTS, Robin Bullock and Mel K — Episodes 1 and 2

And how would you like to pay only $15/month for cable AND get all the channels they took away from you?

I’ve got you covered:

Switch To VuTV+ Now, Get OANN, Save Hundreds Each Month! [Limited Time Switch & Save]

And we end with this truly scary story:

Oklahoma Democrat Proposes Legislation to Mandate Vasectomies for Young Men

What is WRONG with these people?

For real?

Does he really think this is edgy and smart?

What a moron!

That’s a wrap for tonight, but I’d love to get your thoughts!  Write me back!

Your friend,



Something brand new for you tonight…

How awesome is this?  #UltraMAGA baby!

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Who loves ya baby?

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