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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/22/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and Happy Monday to you!

Everyone doing good?

I’ll have more on “Mondays” for you at the end of tonight’s Newsletter, but for now let’s jump right into the news.

Huge day.

We start here:

Why Is Congress Preparing For A “Disruptive Event”?

Yeah, because that’s not worrisome or anything!

They always tell you in advance.

Then add on this one also from today:

FDA Says The Internet Is Going Down Later This Week?

It sure looks like we’re in for a wild week!

Prepare yourself!

Love this next one:

Tucker Speaks Out For First Time In Weeks Through Mysterious Tweet

I can’t wait till Tucker is back doing a daily show!

Hope it’s soon.

And this next one might surprise you:

Donald Trump Responds to Tim Scott’s Presidential Campaign Announcement

I did not expect that from Trump, but I appreciate it.

You may have seen a lot of stories about this next one today…

We set the record straight:

Explosion Near the Pentagon?

And another Democrat bites the dust:

Long Time Senate Democrat Announces Surprising Retirement

Speaking of Democrats, David Letterman sure did use to love Donald Trump.

Watch this:

RARE VIDEO: David Letterman LOVED Donald Trump!

In case you missed this one, it’s our top story of the week already:

NEW VIDEO: Fake Joe Biden Mask Exposed?

And we end with our top story….

For anyone who hated today….

For anyone who hates Mondays or even dreads Sunday nights…..

This is for you:

If You Hate Your Job (Or Need A Job) Watch This Right Now…

Ok, that’s a wrap for today.

Your friend,



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