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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/26/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter!

First I have a brand new interview for you with President Trump:

WATCH: Brand New President Trump Interview (Gorka)

Isn’t it great to hear the voice of a real leader and a real alpha male?

We need him back NOW!

And that might be happening…listen to this latest update from Timothy Dixon:

Timothy Dixon Prophetic Dream: The Eagle Has Landed — Pelosi Arrested 

Next we move to Robin Bullock who has a great video exposing Harari:

Robin D. Bullock Calls Out Dr. Yuval Noah Harari [Demonic Man]

Man, I can’t stand that guy!

And it really annoys me he uses his middle name “Noah”!

Great news on this next one….we won!

World Health Organization Temporarily Withdraws Proposed Amendments to Delegate U.S. Sovereignty to Agency During ‘Public Health Emergency’

Thanks to everyone who continues to support Mike Lindell…

He loves you right back and I have a huge sale for you if you’ve been waiting to buy something:

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Now is the time!

Now let’s talk about the tragic Texas school shooting and some truth that is coming out today…

Why did they refuse to let parents rush in for help?

Why did the police just stand outside and wait?

If they want to make this look NOT like a FalseFlag, they’re not doing a very good job:

Mother Attempting to Save Her Children at Uvalde Was Placed in Handcuffs by Federal Marshalls While Shooter Was Inside

And here’s more on the police STANDING DOWN.

So disgraceful.

If there is a shooting in the school, you don’t wait outside for 30 minutes, you rush in!

Were they told to stand down?

Did Police in Uvalde Take Their Time Entering the School During the Shooting? Eyewitnesses Report

The truth will come out!

Now moving to something lighter…if you need to save $100+ each month but don’t want to lose all the TV channels you love, I’ve got you covered!

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Who loves ya baby?


Sad news out today as Ray Liotta is dead:

Actor Ray Liotta Dies at 67, Did a Recalled Pfizer Drug Possibly Contribute to His Passing?

I sure hope the vaxx did not cause it.

So sad.

And speaking of pandemics, is Joe Biden profiting yet again?

10% for the Big Guy?


Here’s How Biden Sets to Profit Off the Monkeypox Vaccine He Ordered

Your friend,



Something brand new for you tonight…

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