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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/26/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

We start with a big VP update….no, not selected yet, but we are narrowing the field.

Here’s what we learned today:

Donald Trump Name Drops Potential Running Mates In Interview, One Individual Reportedly No Longer Under Consideration

I am 100% happy she is out of consideration, how about you?

Then we have Ron DeSantis back and helping out:

DeSantis-Led Fundraiser Brings In Millions For Trump Campaign, ‘Ron, I Love That You’re Back’, Trump Reportedly Said

Thank you Ron!

Ron violated the #1 rule from the 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene) but that's ok, there is room for him to come back.

Next up, this came out today:

BILLIONS Still Expected To Die In Coming Years From COVID “Vaccines,” Says Analyst

I feel so bad for everyone who was forced or coerced to take that poison jab:

And next we have your Sunday Gospel message:

GOSPEL MESSAGE: Receiving the Implanted Word of God

So horrible to see this:

‘It’s A Nightmare’: Parents Reveal Cause Of Death After Pro Golfer Died Suddenly At Age 30

Next up, this is hilarious:

AMC Gets Roasted After Adding ‘Trigger Warning’ To This Classic Film

But also, this is now considered a "classic" film?

Maybe classic in the sense of legendary.

But it's not really that old, is it?

Am I?


Loved seeing this from Joe Rogan:

Joe Rogan Calls It Out: “Plant Based Meat Is REALLY Bad For You!”

He's 100% right.

And Jack Smith still panicking and scrambling:

Jack Smith Seeks To SILENCE Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Deadly Force Raid Criticism

Not gonna work buddy!

I loved seeing this:

WATCH: President Trump Promises To Commute Sentence Of Silk Road Creator

And have you seen this?

From Zelenko:

Are You Trusting Your Family’s Health to Joe Biden – Or Taking Healthcare Into Your Own Hands?

We end tonight with our top story....

This is truly beyond the pale:

UPDATE: Biden’s Feds Caught In Melania’s Underwear Drawer During Raid, Reportedly Searching For Her “Binders”

But I have to ask....did they REALLY think that Trump just stashed highly secret and powerful documents in a binder in Melania's underwear drawer?


These people are not smart and it's actually hilarious how much they are panicking.

Meanwhile, while they panic and conduct raids to try and get their documents back, my President looks comfy as ever:

How Can President Trump Possibly Remain So CALM? I Think You’re Going To LOVE How This Story Ends!

By the way, speaking of "President Trump" I saw something today that bothered me.

TrendingPolitics, which normally does a great job, succumbed to called President Trump "Former President Trump".

Really guys?

Come on!

Sorry fellas, but that's just lame.

I called it out here:

Why is TrendingPolitics referring to Donald Trump as "FORMER President Trump"?

That's a Liberal Media spin job!

My entire life, the Media NEVER referred to an ex-President as "Former President _____". It was always just "President ____" even when out of office.

I remember as a kid asking someone why that was and they said it's because it's an honor you earned that can never be taken away.

Once President, always President.

It was ALWAYS that way until Donald Trump.

Then for the first time in my life I see Media using the phrase "FORMER President Trump".

Sad to see TrendingPolitics get sucked into using that term.

We will NEVER do that at

Never ever.

He's PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump!


Come on fellas, you're better than that!

Or at least you should be!

Your friend,



Have you seen this from Dr. Zelenko?

“Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus. The Only Problem Is The Bullet Doesn’t Get To The Place Where It Needs To Be”



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