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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/29/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Memorial Day Newsletter.

I sure hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

And I hope you took time to remember WHY we have a long weekend.

This country is in distress right now (flag turned upside down) and we need to fix it!

Speaking of, let’s start here.

Should this guy be removed immediately?

I explain what I mean here:

Should Kevin McCarthy Be REMOVED As Speaker?

Speaking of traitors, this is disgusting the faces he is making:

Biden Looks Like A Malfunctioning Robot While At Tomb of Unknown Soldier

Is that a demon manifesting?

A demon or dementia?

Hard to tell.

Probably both!

Then we have this beauty:

China Plans To Go to Moon, Here’s When

My only question is this….

If they go to the moon, will that be the FIRST time anyone has been there?

Read the article to understand what I mean.

And then I’d love your thoughts.

Next we go to something really powerful I wanted to share with you:

OpEd: It Had To Be This Way

Then we have this which is stunning even for Jane Fonda:

Actress Jane Fonda Is Calling For White Men To Be Arrested

She does realize SHE is white, right?


Then we go to a real champion…

A real patriot…

God Bless Kari Lake!

Kari Lake: “WE CAUGHT THEM!”

Here’s another guy I really like.

This guy has made it his mission in life to stop the Indian Call Center Scammers from stealing money from elderly Americans.

This guy is so awesome, but especially his latest video:

To Scammer: “You Have Two Weeks…”

I’m a big fan.

I’m NOT a big fan, however, of this disaster….

Is this guy just making a bunch of BS announcements to grab money?

I don’t know but enough is enough in my book:

Dylan Mulvaney Just Came Out…Again?!?

We end with our top story…

This is coming very fast and I’ve been warning you about it for a long time.

Not much time left:

FedNow Launching In July — Goodbye Freedom!

Ok, that’s all for tonight!

See ya back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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