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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/29/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Another absolutely huge day as the so-called “Hush Money” trial closed up and the jury began deliberations….

So many updates for you, starting with this:

Judge Juan Merchan Tells Jury They Do Not Need Unanimity To Convict Trump, Introduces 4-4-4 Rule

That is wildly unconstitutional!

But they don’t care….

You know why?

I explained earlier today on Twitter — they don’t care if they get reversed on Appeal in 2025 on every single point — they just want maximum impact and maximum distraction right now before the election:

Speaking of Twitter, I also posted something really funny over there today:

LOL….this is hilarious!

Judge Merchan has ruled against him again and again.

Finally Donald Trump lost his temper and said, “What a moron!”

The judge, flushed with anger, shouted, “$1,000 fine!”

“$1,000 dollars?!” Trump said. “I said three words.”

“Those three words were contempt of court,” the judge said, “and that’s a $1,000 fine.”

Mr. Trump got out his wallet and started looking through it.

Thinking there’s been a misunderstanding, Judge Merchan calmed down a bit and said, “you don’t have to pay now.”

Mr. Trump, “No, I’m just checking to see if I have enough cash on me for two more words…. just two more!”

Sometimes you just have to stop for a moment and laugh!

Ok, moving on….

We had a big positive sign right at the end of the day:

COURT UPDATE: Jury Sent Home, Trump Team Seen Laughing and Smiling; Judge and Prosecutor “Tense”

And it seemed directly related to this:

UPDATE: Jury Sends SECOND Note To Judge Merchan, Here’s What It Said — You Have To See This

President Trump spoke twice today:

President Trump Speaks Out After Court Adjourns and Jury Sent Home

And then moving over to a different case, I loved seeing this today:

BREAKING: Letitia James Sued!

Next to the world of golf.

First with a sad update:

Details Of PGA Golfer Grayson Murray Suicide Released

And then to a great update:

BREAKING: Judge Dismisses All Charges Against Scottie Scheffler! Officer On “Corrective Action”

Next up, I could not be more proud to be partnered up with these guys!

Love what they are doing!

Stockpiling Ivermectin For Emergencies? Here’s One Way To Make Sure It’s Made In the USA

And you are going to spit your coffee out when you see this:

HILARIOUS: Red-Pilled Artist Unveils His New “Robert DeNiro” Portrait

Love what this guy is doing!

Great job Scott!

Next up is an update to a story Bo Polny first brought us….

And today Jonathan Cahn completely confirmed it:

Jonathan Cahn Confirms The Calendars Have Been Altered! Bo Polny Right Again!

Then we go to forced food shortages:

FORCED Food Shortages: 4 MILLION Chickens Ordered To Be Killed

So sick of this crap!

Then I have a special one to show you next….

This is a new company I am working with.

I tell you that I only work with companies that I personally use what they offer or I think it will be a benefit to many people.

Well, I personally use and love this one.

I am so sick of subscription services for everything these days!

I don’t want to pay $50/month just to use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word on my home computer.  That’s nuts!

I want to buy it once!

And now you can….for a really cheap price!

Heads up, this is ONLY good through Friday and then these links will stop working.

Yes, really.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Grab it here if you want one:

For A Limited Time: Get A Lifetime License For Microsoft Office Professional 2021 For 77% Off

And we end with two updates on the economy.

First this:

INSIDER’S SELLING: Have You Seen All Of These?

And I think the reason for that is directly related to this:

Former CEO of Home Depot and Chrysler, Bob Nardelli, Issues Stark Warning on Economic Outlook: “Ready To Crack”

Ok, that’s a wrap.

Wow, what a day!

I am wiped!

I’m gonna rest up but I will see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Today I went online to talk about how we now have over TWO MILLION patriots banding together to finally FIGHT BACK!

Peacefully and patriotically, of course…

It was a ton of fun and in case you missed it why are you not connected with me on Rumble?

Make sure you follow me on Rumble here:

And then watch here to see what you missed:–join-over-two-million-patriots-refusing-to-back-down-heres-how…..-live-r.html

Love to have you join in with us!


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