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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/4/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

I’ve been traveling all week and short on time, but we didn’t miss a beat bringing you the news all week and I’m now back at home and back in the Captain’s Chair….and I have a LOT to tell you about!

I’ll be bringing you a lot more tomorrow and Monday, but here’s what I’ve got already tonight.

Starting with a shout out to my friends in Iowa:

Iowa Defies DOJ Threat Over Immigration Law

Gov. Kim made a huge blunder by going anti-Trump, but she's making the right move here.

Good job Kim!

Now get your tail between your legs and give President Trump your full support in November and we can try to forget about that huge DeSantis goof you made.

Then we have Google banning this ad -- but I have it here for you because I figured you might like to see it:


Show others too!

Let's get more eyeballs on this and let's do it for free!


Who needs Google, they suck!

Next up, how's your housing situation doing?

Got your home all paid off?

Living rent-free?


Well, the Far-Left is making sure the ILLEGALS get that benefit -- just not you:

Gov. Healey Pours Over $400 Million From Savings To Shelter Illegal Immigrants

Vote every single Democrat out of office!

And vote out 90% of the RINOS too!

Next up, I am happy to see this:

RNC Challenges Nevada’s Post-Election Ballot Counting

And they say there's no honor among thieves, but even disgraced CPL (Creepy Porno Lawyer) is saying Trump is in the clear and the charges are bogus.

Not only bogus, but made up.

Check this out:

Michael Avenatti Tweets FROM JAIL In Defense of Trump!

Also a HUGE warning here:

U.S. Dollar DOWNGRADED Due To “Governance Deterioration”

And this stock went totally FLACCID on Friday:

Popular Stock Nosedives After CEO Encourages Pro-Palestine Protesters To Join Company

Welcome to Biden's America:

Major Clothes Retailer Will Close ALL 540 Stores After Declaring Bankruptcy

Bidenomics, huh?

What a freaking joke!

Next up, I really pissed off a lot of Freemasons today.

One guy wrote in saying Noah needed to be "called to the carpet" and that he was gonna "block me" if I published one more negative article about the Freemasons.....

I told him I'd already published 20 and I planned to do 50 more.

(He had a total meltdown after that)

Anyway, sorry if your "grandfather was in the Shriners" and you think I don't know anything because the Masons do a lot of charity work.....but I still have to print the truth.

Here it is:

WARNING: Ex-Freemason EXPOSES Satanic Secrets Of International Freemasons

And we end tonight with our top story....

Every single court case against Trump is collapsing.


Because they're all bogus.

Here's the latest....turns out we have reports today that the alleged "confidential documents" at Mar-a-lago were SENT to Mar-a-lago by the Biden Regime and then tampered with.


Read here:

Special Counsel Admits KEY Evidence Tampering in Trump Case; Trump Calls For His Arrest

Gotta run, see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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