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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/6/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and let’s get this weekend started!

We start with the Trump Rally and if you missed it I’ve got it for you right here:

LIVE: Trump Rally Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Now let’s talk Oz…

Dr. Oz, that is.

I don’t trust this guy for one second…

Came onto the scene via Oprah (red flag number one), is in deed with Big Pharma (red flag number two), supports abortion (three), should I keep going?

And no, Trump’s endorsement did NOT change my mind one bit!

Apparently, it didn’t for Mike Pompeo either:

Pompeo Hold Presser Stating U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Is A Threat To National Security

Something is up here….

Glad to see the people of PA don’t like him either.

They booed his sorry assssssss right to his face:

Dr. Oz Gets Booed At Trump Rally In Pennsylvania

And for more evidence, check out this incredible tape I found today…

This is literally Oz in bed with the Chinese:

Dr. Oz Exposed Again: “Went To War With China”? You Worked For Them and We Have The Tape!

Sticking with Trump’s Rally, we go to Mike Lindell:

Mike Lindell Reveals Why The Supreme Court Draft Was Leaked

👉 Always use promo code WLT to unlock the maximum savings!

And what is going on here?

You can run little boy, but you won’t get far….

You’re not going to outrun Elon, and he will have ALL the data.

Great story here from Project Veritas who says big exposure is coming soon:

WATCH: Twitter Exec Runs And Hides From James O’Keefe

And speaking of Elon having all the data, I love to hear him talking like this:

Musk Calls For “Epstein’s List” To Get EXPOSED

Next up, I originally posted this yesterday and it’s gone viral ever since.

Not because it’s “fun” to watch, but because it’s a NECESSARY truth.

We’re exposing the lies of abortion, and every single American needs to hear this.

It’s almost impossible to listen to, but you must:

WATCH: Doctor Shares The Most Horrific Truth About Abortion You Will Ever Hear

Then share with your “progressive” friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.

We end tonight with our top story — Durham:

Durham Gets Judge To Review Confidential Clinton Documents

Have a great rest of your evening!

Your friend,



HEADS UP….got something brand new just landed recently. 👇

My favorite part is where it says “fits heads of most sizes”….so I guess unless you’ve got a freakishly large melon, you should be ok!  

And if you have a ginormous dome, I’d like to see it! 😂

Anyway, grab one here while they last:


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