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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 5/6/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter.

I want to start tonight with an incredible miracle story:

Miracle At Church When Man PULLS GUN on Pastor

How amazing is that!

We have to celebrate the good news when we have it, and this is certainly a big one.

Next up let's talk Financial News....

Last night I brought you this report:

Col. Douglas MacGregor: “I Don’t Think We Make It To 2024”

And today we have two new ones breaking.

First this:

A MASSIVE financial collapse is coming that will destroy everyone’s assets, warns Paul Craig Roberts

And next this:

Expert warns: Banks will claim that your money is no longer yours, may freeze bank withdrawals

Knowledge is power.

And preparing in advance can make the difference for future GENERATIONS of your family!

Next up is a Colonel going on record to confirm what we long suspected:

REPORT: Trump’s Commander-in-Chief Powers Were Revoked by Military Brass On January 6th

That is huge!

Let's see what happens here...

Then we had another Woke CEO getting a tough life lesson:

Woke CEO Backtracks After Tweet Costs His Company Millions In Value

When will they learn?

Big question though is whether he's truly sorry or just "sorry he got caught".

Which do you think?

This next one is something you don't see every day:

‘I Lost Everything’: Popular Bikini Model Gives Up Fame To Jump On The Trump Train

This too:

“crooked Joe” would lead us into World War III?

And a big heads up if you eat Planters Nuts:

Here Are All The Planters Nuts Recalled Over Potentially Fatal Contamination

Ok, now for something awful....

Imagine having your wedding called off because of cheating.

Bad, right?

Now imagine the cheating was with an 11 year old 5th grader!


REPORT: Man Calls Off Wedding After His Fiancé Was Caught Making Out With 5th Grade Student

Next up we go to Chris Cuomo who seems to be red-pilling a bit recently, becoming a new member of the PBD Podcast and perhaps this is a big reason why:

VIRAL CLIP: Chris Cuomo Finally Admits He’s Vaccine Injured

Speaking of vaccine injuries, it only gets worse today:

Courts set precedent for mass FORCED VACCINATION of all children

And we end with our top story....

But it's not what you might think:

BREAKING REPORT: Kristi Noem Offered To Step Down Early

Ok, that's a wrap!

Your friend,



Conservatives are realizing just how powerful we can be if we stick together and let our voices be heard.

Great idea, right?

If we want to take back our freedoms and end the Woke Mind Virus, we must take a stand and make permanent changes.

Simply changing stores doesn’t solve our problem as almost all are controlled and the products they sell are just as bad.

Over 90% of the products on store shelves are controlled by the same globalist hedge funds as the big box stores.

As always, I bring you an actual solution from my friends at Patriot Switch.

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