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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/12/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter.

How are you?

I hope your week is off to a great start!

We start with something, ummm, odd:

Former Congressman Says He and Ron DeSantis “Together We Would Take a Shower in the Basement”

Everything about this guy, including his nasally Beta-Male voice, is just “off”.

Sorry, I’m not digging DeSanctus.

Oh, and this:

DeSoros? Is Rob DeSantis Tied To Soros Money?

Not digging this either:

Complete Filth: New Video Shows LGBTQ Influencers Taking Off Clothes At White House

That escalated quickly!

From “please just accept us” to “we’ve going to be nude on the White House lawn!”

Stay classed LGBTQP crowd!

Then we have my favorite story of the day, President Trump saying he’s going to go full on against the Deep State.

Until now, he always felt there was decorum to follow.

But now the gloves are off, and the second term is going to be simply Biblical!

Donald Trump: ‘I Will Appoint Special Prosecutor to Go After Most Corrupt President in U.S. History’

Love this next one….

I don’t really follow baseball, but turns out I have a new favorite team:

One MLB Team Refuses to Have Pride Night

And did the truth just come out?

I think so:

Joe Biden Being Blackmailed By Ukraine?

Love this:

WATCH: Trump Caravan Takes Over Florida Coast!

We continue to follow the Jamie Foxx story….

I sure hope it wasn’t a vaxxident, but:

Dr. Peter McCullough on Jamie Foxx and the Shocking Potential Role of Spike Protein

We learned about this today:

Ted Kaczynski’s Cause of Death Revealed

Next a few stories you might have missed from the weekend:

President Trump: “This Is The Final Battle…”

Do you know what rPOTUS means?

Explained: Here’s What “rPOTUS” Means

My favorite story of the weekend (our reporting confirming TRUE!):

THEY ALL SUBMITTED: President Trump’s ReTruth Just Confirmed What We Told You 8 Months Ago!

And our top story of the week:

Is President Trump Being Guarded By Military?

That’s all for tonight!

Your friend,



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