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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/14/22




Hey friends,

Noah here with your Tuesday evening Newsletter…

Great stuff tonight, and we start here:

Bill Barr EXPOSED: He’s Lifted His Mask

Save that post.

Print it out.

Because I have a feeling we’ll be referring back to it a LOT in the coming months…

Bill Barr, you’ve now been outted and you’re on record.

Good luck sir…

Next up, what’s going on here?

January 6th Committee CANCELS Hearing for Wednesday, June 15

And I can’t even believe I’m reporting on this next one:

Two Judges On New York Supreme Court Rule Elephants Have Constitutional Rights

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves at this stupidity:

Two Judges On New York Supreme Court Rule Elephants Have Constitutional Rights

Doesn’t the Declaration of Independence begin with “All men are being created equal”?

I must have missed the part about the references to Elephants, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere…

And they continue to push this story, but NO ONE and I do mean NOOOOO one is buying it:

Police Name and Release Pictures of 31 Patriot Front Members Arrested in Idaho for Allegedly Planning to Riot at Gay Pride Event

Their FF’s are getting really sloppy and desperate…

Next we have our top story of the day:

Republican Headquarter Gets FIREBOMBED

Very scary.

If you’re a dog lover, you need to see this from Mike Lindell:

MyPillow’s FAMILY PET Flash Sale | The “Best Dog Bed I Ever Purchased”!

And Hannity is totally washed up:

Sean Hannity Reportedly Told Trump To Pardon Hunter Biden

Sean, give it up man, you’re either compromised or you’ve lost it.

You’re done, bud!

Rush > O’Reilly > Tucker > Levin > NOAH > Hannity

Wait, how did Noah sneak onto that list?

Who did that?

And then we have the #FreedomPhone #PHONY….

Get it, Phone-y?

Man, this guy has lost nearly ALL credibility:

EXPOSED: Founder of Freedom Phone Donated To Biden’s Campaign In 2020

Enjoy this amazing message from Bo Polny:

BO POLNY: Another Inauguration, Worldwide Celebrations Revealed | When?

And in case you missed it, an update on Dr. Zelenko…

Sadly, it’s not good at all:

Update From The Hospital On Dr. Zelenko’s Health

And we end with yet ANOTHER one…

Yes, really:

Oh, just a coincidence, I’m sure…

Your thoughts?

Your friend,



Something brand new for you tonight…

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We’ve kept you updated in recent weeks about Dr. Zev Zelenko’s long battle with cancer. Here is the original article we posted when he was first admitted: Dr. Zelenko Admitted To The Hospital: “No Matter What Happens, I Want You To Know…” Then he posted an update a few days later that you can watch...

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