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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/20/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and happy Monday to ya!

Let’s jump in quick because I have a lot to show you…

Starting with something you’re going to love:

GOP Reportedly Planning Several High-Profile Oversight Hearings Should Party Take Majority After Midterms: Fauci, FBI & Border

Coming soon and that’s why they are PANICKING!

So many big things happening, like this:

Is The Pope About To Resign?

A lot of big prophecies attached to this current Pope retiring and what comes next…

Can’t wait to see him go!

How about you?

And then we have this:

STUDY: Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 Jab “Temporarily” Impairs Semen Concentration and Total Motile Count in Men

That’s not a problem, is it?

I love this next article for the picture alone:

Democrat State Senator Faces Ballot Scheme Investigation

He’s got the classic Democrat Crazy Eyes!

It’s literally a thing….what’s with these people?

All Dems have the same crazy bug eyes!

And no, it has nothing to do with his race….it has to do with being a crazy Democrat!

It’s like it’s hardwired in!

Big update from the true President next:

Trump Makes A PROMISE You Have To Hear

And from Timothy Dixon (don’t miss this one):

Timothy Dixon: 3rd Term President Donald Trump, VP Lauren Boeber?

And we end with something you have to see to believe…

Baron Trump was always tall, but….he’s now he’s chasing down Yao Ming!

What in the world:

Barron Trump Is Now Pushing 7ft TALL

And while we’re talking about Baron, have you seen this?

Ok folks, that’s a wrap for tonight!

See ya back here tomorrow, we’re already working on some big ones.

Your friend,



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