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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/21/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Huge day…

Not all good, I’ll tell you that upfront.

We start with Durham on Capitol Hill.

He had a few good moments:

WATCH: John Durham Calls Out Adam Schiff


Durham Stands Up For The Lord Before Congress

But as I was watching, I was struck by just how WEAK Durham sounded.

Weak and disinterested.

I Tweeted this out live during his testimony:

Turns out Matt Gaetz was thinking the same thing.

Gaetz laid into Durham and tore him a new rectal orifice.

Watch here:

Rep. Matt Gaetz Claims John Durham Is Part Of The Cover Up

Gaetz went so far as to call Durham part of the coverup, and after watching Durham today and listening to Gaetz, I agree.

I 100% agree.

Durham was either (1) weak and incompetent and failed or (2) was compromised, either by bribery or threats or both.

I don’t know which, but I know what it looks like when a man doesn’t want to be there, and Durham did NOT want this job.

What a waste.

I could not applaud Matt Gaetz any more than to say this man may be one of the 10 (or less) people in Congress we can trust.






Who else?

It’s a SMALL list and growing smaller by the day, but Gaetz continues to show real fight.

Speaking of Boebert, then we had this today:

Articles of Impeachment Against Biden Will FORCE House Vote

Ok, now onto something FUN!

Check this out:

Can I Send YOU On A FREE Trip To Boston?

I can’t wait to see who wins!

I hope it’s you!

Next up we have Elon Musk saying this, and I agree with him 100%:

Elon Musk Says These Two Words Are Considered “Slurs” on Twitter

Last night I brought you a story about AI rewriting the Book of Genesis.

Tonight, the WEF is using AI to write a “correct version” of the Bible.

Oh my:

WEF Calls On AI To Rewrite A “Correct” Version Of The Bible!

Then we have the submarine story…

Sorry folks, but are you buying this?

I’m not.

And neither is Don Jr.:

Donald Trump Jr. Hints Missing Submarine Story Is A PSYOP

You really mean to tell me that we can put GPS on dolphins and whales and track them across the entire Ocean…

We can Zoom in from Satellites and read the license plate on a car….

But you’re telling me this Submarine had NO GPS on it at all?

Just went off the grid?

I don’t buy it.

Then we have this at Fox as the exodus continues:

Long-Time Fox News Host Announces Departure From Show

And we end with our top story….

Super proud to bring you this:

Even CNN Just Admitted Our Boycotts and BUYcotts Are Working!


Your friend,



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