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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/21/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Wow, where did that week go?

Absolutely flew by!

And as always, big stuff always comes out on a Friday when they hope you’re not watching.

Like this:

Supreme Court Fencing Is BACK UP!

You may have seen earlier this week there were reports about fencing going up that were proven to be fakes….and that’s why we never brought you that story.

But this one is real.

And it’s because we had some big cases dropping today.

First this:

Supreme Court Ruling Undermines Democrat Plan To Sneak Immigrants In Via Marriage

Then this:

Supreme Court Upholds GUN BAN for Certain Situations

Next I want to tell you about what’s happening to Idaho Farmers, because this is VERY serious….

Many farms will soon go under!

Read this:

HELP! Idaho Famers Under Attack By Their Own Government!

More here:

You Probably Had No Idea This Was Happening To Ranchers…

Then we go to Dan Bongino who is more fired up today (and p*ssed off) at Bill O’Reilly than I have ever seen before!

Dan said “F it, we’ll do it live!!!” and went on an epic 10 minute takedown of Mr. Factor himself.

Major language warning, but this is truly something to see:

BEATDOWN: Dan Bongino Absolutely SAVAGES Bill O’Reilly In Epic Rant

Next up, have you heard of the new viral trend?

Do the Biden!


Sometimes you have to just laugh, and Fridays are a good day to do that!

Because we have so many very serious topics we are constantly dealing with.

Like this:

MUST SEE: Top American Financier Now Speaking Out About Forced Childhood Vaccinations

The tide is turning my friends!


Next is an update on Bannon:

Appeals Court Rules On Steve Bannon’s Request To Delay Prison Sentence

And for anyone who may have missed this, it was really good:

IMPAULSIVE: The Best Trump Interview Ever?

For anyone who does Concealed Carry, you should see this.

Many laws have changed, don’t get caught in violation:

Gun Laws Have Changed – Do You Have The Updated Reciprocity Map?

Love this one:

JUST IN: Brand New Trump Ad Is A Must-See!

And we end with our top story:

Coin Flip Decision: Here’s Who Will Open And Close In Trump Vs. Biden Debate

Anyone else super excited for the first debate?

It’s going to be incredible!

We’ll be covering it LIVE so make sure you’re following me on Rumble here:

And Twitter here:

Trust me, you are not gonna want to miss this!

Your friend,



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