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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/22/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

Buckle up, I’m loaded up today and have some BIG ones to show you!

Yesterday, I reminded you that they love to drop big news on Friday afternoons when they think the least amount of people are watching.

They also love to do it over the weekend, which is why I was not surprised at all to see this happen today:

BANK COLLAPSED? $109 MILLION In Customer Deposits “Vanished”!

I keep warning you, get your money OUT OF THE BANKS!

And get out of the US Dollar!

More on that at the end of this report….

Here’s one great option:

Buy It — Break It — Trade It — New Silver “Invention” Has Never Been Done Before!

Next up, I think you’re going to find this fascinating:

The Truth Behind The NVIDIA Name and Logo?

And give these two drivers a raise and a bonus!


Our society needs a whole lot more “Toxic Masculinity” like this:

MUST SEE: Amazon Delivery Driver Fights Off Would-Be Carjacker After Trying To Steal Female Coworker’s Van! HERO!

This is fascinating:

High Court Rules Covid mRNA Jab Is NOT A VACCINE, So What Is It?

And more big news that they released when they hoped no one would notice….

Good thing you have us:

HUGE: Nevada “Alternate Electors” Case Is DISMISSED!

CBS News absolutely got destroyed by this:

HILARIOUS: CBS News Forced To Delete Biden Report After Being Caught Red-Handed!

Now you know why we call them all Fake News!

Speaking of Fake News, the truth just came out about Trump’s Bronx rally:

The Truth About President Trump’s MASSIVE Bronx Rally Finally Exposed — AOC Proven Dead Wrong!

And I really loved this one….

Judge Judy, who I have always liked but was sad to see she didn’t support Trump, at least has the integrity to call out the sham trials against him.

She’s so right here:

Judge Judy Sounds Off On ‘Nonsense’ Criminal Charges Against Trump

Thank you Judge Judy!

Another huge scandal rocking Disney Corporation:

BOOM! BOMBSHELL Hits Disney: VP Exec Exposes Illegal Discrimination, Refusing To Hire White Males

Which led to one of the funniest things I saw all day long:

Man, that is so true!

There is so much truth in satire, it cuts right through all the noise.

Well done, Babylon Bee!

We’re going to end tonight with two major reports about the fall of the “PetroDollar”.

For three years I warned you….

People thought it was insane, could never happen….

Now this:

The U.S. Dollar was Just REJECTED | Saudi Arabia & BRICS – Dedollarization

No one better to listen to on this topic than Bo Polny:

Bo Polny: Now That The Petro-Dollar Has Fallen, Expect THIS To Come Fast….

Ok, gotta run!

Have a great rest of your evening!

Your friend,



I’ve been talking a lot about Gold recently…and for good reason.

Bank runs…

Bank failures…

Debt defaults…

Government shutdowns…

Runaway inflation…

It’s all bad. Really bad.

But Gold is God’s Money and it’s proven the test of time since the Abraham lived on the Earth back in Genesis.

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