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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/29/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and let’s jump right in tonight…

We start with an incredible prophetic update from Amanda Grace that so many of you sent to me and I finally had time to watch today.

One word: wow!

Amanda Grace: New Prophetic Dream The Night After Roe Was Overturned!

Then we have this…

Bill Gates and Amazon, hey — what could go wrong?

Why is Amazon Quietly Buying Land Across the United States?

It’s not like its our food supply or anything!

They’re both very trustworthy, right?


Oh, and remember how for two months we’ve been bringing you story after story of meat processing plants burning to the ground?

Perhaps today we just found out why:

Meet The Billion-Dollar Meat “Rendering” Facility: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Systems and “Air Knives”

There are two ways to own the tallest building in town, did you know that?

Option 1: just building the biggest and best building.

Option 2: buy the 5th tallest building in town and burn down numbers 1-4.

Enough said.

Moving on: this didn’t take long, she’s already been soundly discredited:

Secret Service Lead Agent and Presidential Driver Both Prepared to Testify Under Oath That Trump ‘Assault’ and ‘Steering Wheel Lunge’ Never Happened

To sum it up in a meme, this is perfect from Sebastian Gorka:

So true, right?

Then we have something truly mind-boggling….

Presented without comment:

(WATCH) Leaked Footage Reveals Upcoming Disney Show Promotes Idea That ‘Men Have Periods Too’ to Children

Love to hear what YOU think!

And all I can say on this next one is look at their faces!!!!

Pelosi Secretly Meets Up With The POPE


Loved this from Kim Clement:

Kim Clement: Biden Falls in Summer 2022? White House Betrayals?

The man lived in the future.

From 2012, it was like he saw our current world.

And from Kim Clement we move to two other incredible prophets:

Timothy Dixon & Robin Bullock: Prophecy Fulfilled | The Untold Story Behind The Dream

I had heard parts of this story before but never all of it together.


Top story today was Justice Breyer’s sudden and abrupt retirement:

Supreme Court Justice Abruptly Moves Up Date Of Retirement: Effective In 24 Hours!

What’s going on here?

And we end with a real gem…

My good friend Bo Polny back on for a very special episode:

Who else told you back in 2020?

Only Bo.

Your friend,



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