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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/12/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday Night Newsletter.

So much to show you today, you ready?

We start with this slovenly fat bastard:

HILARIOUS: Trump Campaign Takes Aim At Chris Christie

He can’t even sit in an airplane seat properly and he wants us to trust him as President?

Are you kidding me?

They say if you’re looking to hire someone you should check out how they keep their car and their shoes.

Those two things will tell you how they handle the small details.

This fat bastard couldn’t fit in a small car and he hasn’t seen his shoes in decades!

Which leads me to something very serious:

Please tell me how you would vote in this:

Thank you for voting!

And in case you need a reference on each of those choices, I’ve got you covered:

Ok moving on…

Big lies being told about Mike Lindell and MyPillow today.

Mike sets the record straight:

Mike Lindell Sets The Record Straight – “Biggest Lie In History They Just Told You”

This was wonderful:

OLD GLORY: “If This Flag Could Speak, These Are The Words It Would Say”

And I was surprised to see this today:

Jim Jordan Wants To Kick The FBI Out Of DC … Here’s His Plan

Which immediately reminded me of this:

Clif High Explains Why Nancy Pelosi Refused Trump’s National Guard

And the death slide continues for Fox News:

Fox News Gets Bad News…

Do you feel bad for them?

Me either!

Then we had this:

WATCH: FBI Director Chris Wray Makes Statement To Congress Regarding Ray Epps

Literally one of the worst liars ever….

This guy is head of the FBI and he can’t even lie convincingly?


Love this one:

WATCH: Jack Smith’s Case Won’t Even Go To Court?

And then we had this:

BUSTED: Three TSA Agents Arrested

You mean the arrest WASN’T for giving happy endings after all their pat downs?

I was traveling last week and had to go through this bullshit.

I went through the scanner that makes you put your hands over your head in a pose like you’re a criminal (FYI that is NOT a coincidence, it’s designed to brainwash you to think you’re a criminal).

Anyway, I went through that machine and came out the other side to see a giant red box right over the crotch region of my body scan.

So then the TSA Agent said he had to rub me down front and back.

I think he had a really good time,

I told him the only reason I got a red box in that area is because I’ve got so much BDE going on down there it threw off the machine!

Anyway I digress.

But before I move on, can I just say these people in the TSA are massive fucking perverts?

Ok, moving on.

But seriously though, fuck the TSA.

No, moving on.

Did you see this?

Henry Kissinger Pranked, Admits UKRAINE Blew Up The Nordstream Pipeline!

And we end with our top story:

“The End” For Zelensky

You just gotta love that!

Ok, that’s a wrap!

Your friend,



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