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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/22/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

A lot to show you tonight, so have to move fast….

We start with Mel Gibson unchained:

RAW CUT: Mel Gibson EXPOSES Hollywood!

And if you like traveling, it might get ugly soon.

Watch this:

Here Comes The Next Wave Of Travel Restrictions — Will Make 2020 Look Like Child’s Play!

This next one is pretty personal….

Basically, my manifesto:

WE Are Punk Rock Now!

And the revolving door of Government to Big Pharma continues:

Dr. Deborah Birx (‘Scarf Lady’) Lands New Pharma Job

Then we have a story we’ve been covering for over a month.

What is going on with Jamie Foxx?

Terrible vaxxident?

Or just fine?

Well, today we saw him on video.

At least, I think we did.

See what you think here:

NEW VIDEO: Is This Jamie Foxx?

Watch the first part of that video, does he have the droopy Justin Bieber eye?

So sad.

I hope he’s ok.

Was that him?

Does being sick cause your head width to shrink?

Is that normal?

Same guy? 😬

Next up, here are my TRUE thoughts on nasally voice, Beta male Ron DeSantis:

DIRTY: Ron DeSantis SuperPAC Running Fake “AI” Lying Ad Against Trump

Do you disagree with anything I’ve said here?

Ron, you’re done.

I’m not even going to say “it’s not your time”.

I’m not sure it will EVER be your time.

That voice….

That laugh….

That Beta Male persona….

I’m sorry but I’m just not having it.


Then we have a real beauty here:

Anthony Weiner MELTS DOWN When Confronted About The Clinton Kill List!

What is he so worried about?

You ever seen anyone react like that?

Something big to hide?

Next up, I really love what these guys are doing:

Co-Founder Of Christian Precious Metals Company: “Not All Gold IRAs Are Put Together The Same” (VIDEO)

Great work fellas!

And we end with a story that just broke right as I was typing this Newsletter.

The Pause….

President Trump explains:

President Trump Explains “The Pause”

That’s all for tonight!

Your friend,



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