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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/23/22



Hey everyone,

Noah here with a HUGE Saturday report for you.

I told you this week was going to be crazy for me, but I finally got everything wrapped up and was able to spend more time today on some big stories.

I think you’re going to really enjoy the report tonight.

Although you might not enjoy our lead story:

Trump Indictment Imminent?

I’m not happy about it either, of course….but I have to report the news!

Stay tuned, we’ll continue to follow this closely.

And read the article for my thoughts, it may have a huge silver lining!

Next up, I thought now was a PERFECT time to flash back to this:

Remember This? Christian Worship Breaks Out In The Trump White House!

What a difference two years makes, right?

Feels like a lifetime ago.

I tell you this my friends: God does not forget this and he DOES NOT bless the theft and evil that is occurring in our Nation.

Justice is coming and it’s going to be glorious.

Then we have this one:

Pentagon Is Creating A New UFO Department

I’ve been warning about this for years…

In the early days, people laughed and mocked and told me “now I’d really done it — now I would lose all my followers!  Now I’d gone off the deep end!”

Funny, sounds a little similar to about half the emails I got on my FE post earlier this week.

That’s ok.

You know why?

First, because I always report the truth and I answer to God and the Bible and that’s it!

I don’t answer to Governments or to NASA or to the people who complain.

Second, because when you follow the truth and report the truth, you tend to be vindicated eventually.

Does this mean I believe UFOs are real?


But I believe they’ll be used aggressively to push the coming Great Deception.

I write more about that here:

WARNING: A Crisis of Faith Is Coming: Are You Ready? [From Noah]

Be ready!

Be prepared!

Now let’s talk Barron Trump and a Robin Bullock video from 2018 I had never seen before.

Maybe it’s new to you too:

The Barron Trump Prophecy — Robin Bullock From 2018

Speaking of Barron, when did this happen?

Barron Trump Is Now Almost 7ft TALL?

And one more…

In case you’ve never seen this before, yes it’s real and no I don’t really have an explanation for it:

The Barron Trump Chronicles: The Last President…Admitted TRUE By Snopes!

This is also real…


The New York Times Suggests “The Time Is Now” For Cannibalism

Not a joke.

Not satire.

Not fake.

Just a push for Cannibalism from the “paper of record”.

What a joke!

These people are sick!

This next one makes me furious…

Blood is on their hands!

J6 Political Prisoner Dies in Apparent Suicide

And we end with our top story and something I really loved today:

Dershowitz Has Bad News For Bannon Prosecutors

I told you folks, good things are coming!

Hang in there!

Your friend,



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