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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/27/22



Hey everyone,

Noah here and I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!

Let’s jump right in with something very bizarre….

Many are saying this doesn’t even look like Biden.

Many are saying his eyes are not human.

Many are saying he’s not blinking.

What do YOU think?

Joe Biden Looks Dead Inside in Creepy New Video

Here’s a follow up on the blinking:

Why Doesn’t Biden Blink Anymore? Medical Research Points To Early Alzheimer’s

And then we have this total nonsense from FauxNews:

Fox News Airs Pence Speech, Censors Trump; Let’s Compare the Crowd Size

Rupert must be rolling over in his grave!

Gotta love this though:

CNN on NOTICE: Trump Notifies Network of LAWSUIT Over “Defamatory Comments”

And moving to another network, the truth finally comes out between OANN and Verizon:

OANN Owner Robert Herring: We Offered To Let Verizon Carry OANN For FREE And They Still Refused!


 A lot at play here in this next article and the media refuses to cover any of it.

That’s ok, it will all really catch them by surprise when it happens:

A Radical Plan For President Trump’s Second Term…

He could not be more obvious in what he’s planning to do:

Trump Touts 2024 Comeback: “I Have to Save Our Country”

We need you back soon sir!

And we end with our top story….a big update on the Stimmy checks…

Is your state on the list?

ALERT: These States Are Sending Stimulus Checks!

And what do you think of this?


Or not?

Or just go with the flow?

Love to hear your thoughts!

Your friend,



This blue “Trump Won” hat was our most popular hat we’ve ever posted.

For obvious reasons.

But they sold out quick and we couldn’t get any more in until now.

And now we FINALLY have a new small batch coming in.  

The Newsletter gets first dibs on these and I can’t promise they will last long.

I also can’t promise they will ever come back in stock once they’re gone.

Oh….did I mention they are FREE?

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