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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/29/22



Hey friends,

Noah here, how’s it going?

Happy Friday!

Got a loaded up Newsletter that I’m very excited to bring you tonight.

We start with a breaking alert as of press time…

I have to say, I have no objections to this, how about you?

And then we have something very bizarre from a guy I wouldn’t normally cover but this is just too weird.

Will Smith.

Why does he sound so WEIRD in this video? 

Almost feels like a hostage video or like he’s on some heavy drugs…

Also…random question….will, you still letting other dudes bang your “wife”? 

Just wondering. 


Just read the story here:

Will Smith Finally Offers Apology For Slapping Chris Rock

Next up we finally have a Senator telling the truth about that mother-WEF-er, Klaus Schwab:

Australia Senator Malcolm Roberts Drops The TRUTH About Klaus Schwab!

Speaking of creeps and creepy symbols, we have an update on their symbols…

Still think this is all just a coincidence?

UPDATE: Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall

Big news out today about Silver…

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one:

MAJOR SILVER UPDATE: Price Rigging About To Unravel?

40+ years of rigging about to finally come undone?

And check out the latest VASTLY unconstitutional action from the DemonRats:

Democrats Push for New Federal “Assault Weapons” Ban (H.R. 1808), Hold Vote Today

Next is Jared Kushner and John Kelly:

Jared Kushner Memoir Embarrasses John Kelly

Who’s side are you on in this one?

Hard to pick.

And I will ALWAYS make time to cover flying cars because….come on, it’s freaking cool!

The Future Is Here: Flying Car Is On The Verge Of First Flight

We will have them in my lifetime and I can’t wait to get one!

How about you?

Speaking of things previously thought impossible, yes this is a real story:

The Loch Ness Monster’s Existence Is Now “Plausible”

And we end with something that will creep you out to your core.

What in the world is that stuff?

Very troubling:

(WATCH) Funeral Director John O’Looney Shows Blockages Removed From Blood Vessels of Man Who ‘Suddenly’ Died

Ok folks, that’s a wrap.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday evening!

Your friend,



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