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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/4/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with a very special INDEPENDENCE DAY edition of the Newsletter!

How is everyone?

I want to start tonight a little “out there” with two stories that really go together.


Whistleblower Attorney “It Was The Size Of A Football Stadium, While The Outside Was Only About 30 Feet”

And then my take:

Here’s Why I Think Elon Is Right About “No Aliens”

Next let’s go here:

‘Merchant Of Death’ Released By Biden Runs For Office

How charming!

Way to go Joe, another great win!

This next one is just awful…

Folks, Bud Light CAN’T recover from this disaster because they are so out of touch that this was their best attempt to reach you.

THIS is what they think of you:

Is Ridiculous Bud Light Ad With NFL Star Final ‘Death Blow’?

After insulting everyone by going full woke, this was their attempt to cater to real Americans.

This is the best they think about you, you’re only able to grunt.

They’re telling you exactly what they think about you and the truth appears to be that they don’t like you much at all.

Speaking of Boycotts and BUYcotts, this is EXACTLY why I started my new mission back in February.

And the timing is turning out to have been absolutely perfect!

I explain more here:

Where Do You Shop If You Leave Target? HERE! [Details Inside]

Next we tune in to rPOTUS for his 4th of July message:

President Trump Issues 4th Of July Message!

And one more:

WATCH: President Trump Issues Threat To Biden Crime Family!

Next a great flashback….seemed like a perfect day to remember this:

FLASHBACK: Christian Worship Breaks Out In The Trump White House!

And this:

FEATURED: Jon Voight Exposes Hollywood Elites

Next up, I always like to help out whenever I can…

And this might be a huge help to many of you.

I know a bunch of you have already switched over and stopped paying DISH and DIRECTV, but if you need to save about $150 a month, may I humbly suggest this?

AVAILABLE NOW: Ditch Cable, Get VuTV+ — Stop Losing $150 Per Month!

And we end with our top story…

This is definitely going to stir up some questions, but I have to put it out there.

EXCLUSIVE: Did President Trump Sign An Executive Order Fast Tracking mRNA Vaccines…6 Months Before The Pandemic Started?

Your thoughts?

Before I go, I wanted to get your opinion on this please if you don’t mind.

I’m kind of surprised how it’s trending, but I need your vote:

Would You Support a Trump / RFK Jr. Ticket?

Have a great rest of your 4th of July!

Stay safe and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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