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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/5/24 (PM)



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

Ok, first up — yes, I did miss sending this Newsletter last night.

Here’s what happened:

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who reached out to make sure I was ok.

You are all amazing!

No, I did not blow myself up in a Fireworks accident!

In fact, I have to come clean about what I actually think about Fireworks:

Drone Shows > Fireworks?

What do you all think?

Do you love them?

Do your pets love them?

My dogs do NOT like these two weeks where all my neighbors keep shooting off fireworks constantly.

It’s a big frustrating….

Moving on, another bad incident on an airplane:

American Airlines Flight Diverted After Passenger Reportedly Whipped Out His Hog To “Flick The Bean”

To quote Elaine Benes:

Come on people, class it up!

We don’t need this on airplanes!

Then we have Jeff Bezos selling ANOTHER $5 billion in Amazon stock:

REPORT: Jeff Bezos Selling ANOTHER $5 Billion In Amazon Stock!

Gee, you think he knows something?

And it’s time we address this:

The Truth About “Former President Trump”

Don’t feed this trend.

Don’t say “Ex President Trump” or “Former President Trump”.

It’s “President” for life, that’s what I was always told!

To honor the office.

Speaking of honoring President Trump, thank you Gavin Newsom for this:

Gavin Newsom Slips Up, Endorses Trump!

And a big warning, some of these are extremely graphic:

Multiple People Injured In Shark Attack At Texas Beach [WARNING – GRAPHIC FOOTAGE]

If I were you, I would NOT be going in the ocean right now.

These sharks seem very agitated, I’d stay far away.

I personally like having two arms and two legs.

Then we have another big “slip up” from Joe Biden:

WATCH: Joe Biden Promises To “Beat Donald Trump In 2020!”

Sure you will Joe, sure you will.

Now let’s go get your hot milk and get you off to bed….

Love seeing this:

Trump Requests Judge Cannon for a Pause

Next up is something a bit off the normal beaten path for us, but it’s fascinating!

I’d love to know what you think about this:

Is The Earth YOUNG or OLD? Here’s Why It Matters…

And we end with our top story:

FROM NOAH: Yes, I Am Finally Accepting Mail From You!

Gotta run!

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



After years of people asking how they could contact me, I’ve finally given in and set up a PO Box.

I truly do love hearing from you all so much, and I should have done this years ago.

It’s so much fun to go to the Post Office and read all the letters from everyone.

So to all who have been asking, here’s how you can reach me:


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