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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/7/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and can you believe tomorrow is already Friday?

This week flew by!

Ok, before we jump into today’s news, I’m hoping you can help me out with something….

The MSM is saying Trump is not popular anymore and could not win another election.

I was wondering if you could help us set the record straight? 👇

Every vote counts….thank you! 👇

And now the news…starting with something truly bizarre.

This is not normal:

South Dakota Sky Mysteriously Turns Green

And possible bad news about Elon buying Twitter:

Twitter Deal In Jeopardy?

You’re going to absolutely love watching this segment from Tucker….


WATCH: Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Interviewer Attempting to Label Him a Racist

And public service announcement…

Please show this to family and friends so everyone stays safe!

CAUTION: Next Time You Swipe Your Card WATCH OUT FOR THIS

This next one is very interesting…

Very curious that Biden couldn’t get rid of this guy, don’t you think?

Ex-FBI Directors Comey and McCabe Under IRS Audit From Trump Boss!

And Boris is out in the UK.

Here’s what’s going on:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns, Here’s Why

And we end with our top story….

We are still celebrating!

The Georgia Guidestones Now COMPLETELY Demolished!

Before I go, we’re doing some testing and I need to know if you got this.

Would you please comment below with a “5×5” or write me back and let me know?

Thank you!

Your friend,



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I know it’s been a cesspool for the far-left, but I’m banking on Elon getting the deal closed and quickly turning it around.

And we want to be there when he does.

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