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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 7/9/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday night Newsletter.

The news is flying so fast these days that I’m going to try and bring you a Morning Alert whenever I can.

Earlier today I brought you this one (here’s the link in case you missed it):

And now tonight we start with President Trump’s huge Rally in Doral:

WATCH LIVE: TRUMP Rally in Doral, Miami FL

Gotta love this:

Trump Challenges Biden To Golf, $1M On The Line

You know Biden has the money for it….but how?

As a “public servant” his whole life, he shouldn’t.

We all know the answer.

Another classic Trump move!

But Biden might not even last long enough take him up on that challenge:

Joe Biden Dropping Out? Manchin Says “Wait Until This Weekend”

Because honestly, we had this stunner revealed today:

BREAKING: Joe Biden NOT The First Call In Case Of NUCLEAR Strike!

We did not elect a “committee” or a “team”.

We elected a President.

If that President no longer is mentally viable, then he has to go.

And I say that as someone who would love to see him stay in the race, because it’s the easiest match-up President Trump has.

But it’s not good for our country.

We can’t have a vegetable in the Oval Office.

Then we have this bizarre report:

Wait, Pete Buttigieg Is Not Actually Gay?

And perhaps one even stranger here:

“Stop! Don’t Touch Me There!”

Why does it feel like these are happening so often these days?

ALERT: Nationwide Recall On Imported Chicken Products

Really sad to see this happen:

Has Another Company With a Large Conservative Consumer Base Gone Woke? [WATCH]

Did we get confirmation here?

Trump Discusses VP Pick In NEW Interview With Sean Hannity

This is fascinating:

Artifact Belonging To President George Washington Discovered In Thrift Store

And I’m holding another huge Patriot Meet-Up Thursday night.

Can you join me?

Details here:

SPECIAL REQUEST: Can You Join Me Thursday Night?

Consider that your exclusive, personal invite!

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



Conservatives are realizing just how powerful we can be if we stick together and let our voices be heard.

Great idea, right?

If we want to take back our freedoms and end the Woke Mind Virus, we must take a stand and make permanent changes.

Simply changing stores doesn’t solve our problem as almost all are controlled and the products they sell are just as bad.

Over 90% of the products on store shelves are controlled by the same globalist hedge funds as the big box stores.

As always, I bring you an actual solution from my friends at Patriot Switch.

We have partnered with an American made, family and patriot owned manufacturer that supplies us with our everyday essentials and actually cares about its customers and freedom in this country.

I’m doing two special online gatherings to give you all the details, I hope one will work for you, both are totally FREE!

Join me this coming Tuesday at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central here:  JOIN ON TUESDAY

Or join me this coming Saturday at 12:00 noon Eastern, 11:00am Central here: JOIN ON SATURDAY

If neither of those work for you, or if you’d prefer a personal phone call, I have a team of Concierge Patriots helping me with this Mission and one of them would be happy to call you 1-on-1.

If you’d prefer a personal call, just add your info here and one of my Concierge Patriots will call you:  Yes, Please Have Someone Call Me


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