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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/14/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter.

I told you last night it was going to be a wild week, and we sure started off with a bang.

We have to go here first, let’s go to Georgia:

The Fix Is In—Corrupt Prosecutors ‘Charge’ President Trump Before Jury Verdict


Come on folks!

And we also got this:

JUST IN: Judge Rules Trump Trial Will Be Televised

Now let’s go to Maui and this is going to blow your mind…

JUST IN: Maui Police Chief Also Served As “Incident Commander” During Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Sticking with Maui, we heard from President Trump who looks 1000% more like the President than Joe Biden does:

President Trump Releases Message On Deadly Maui Wildfires

Biden was asked about it and said “No Comment” with an evil grin on his face.

It was pure evil, looked like a demon inside him.

Go watch it.

‘NO COMMENT’ says Biden over Hawaii Wildfires

Then he sent another $200 MILLION to Ukraine.

Yes, really.

Ok, back to Trump and our biggest story of the day, which many of you likely missed last week:

TRUMP CONFIRMS: The DoD and Space Force Have The REAL Results From The 2020 Election

Talk about a big day, then we had this happen:

MiG-23 Fighter Jet Crashes Into Apartment Complex In Michigan

And I continue to be obsessed with this song, but here’s the latest….

You need to see this:

“This Is A Rallying Cry, Meant To Wake Up An Entire Generation!”

Next up is something Bo Polny has been warning you about for over 2 years on my show.

Today it started:

It’s Begun…Major Country Ditches U.S. Dollar In Oil Trade

And the FDA caved and admitted WE WERE RIGHT back in 2020 when we told you about Ivermectin.

Wow, how evil and twisted can you get?

We Were RIGHT About Ivermectin From DAY ONE — FDA Caves!

We also learned today the identity of this woman:

TMFINR “Crazy Plane Lady” Speaks Out For First Time — Breaks Her Silence

Funny, I definitely had her pegged for a “Jenna” but I guess “Tiffany” is close.

Then we had this:

Happening Now? “Behold A Pale Horse”

And last up, this goes down in less than 36 hours:

COUNTDOWN: 36 Hours Until Mike Lindell Reveals His Plan To SAVE Our Elections


I’m exhausted.

See you all back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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