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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/20/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

Before we hit the news tonight, I have to address some serious new censorship we are experiencing….

My inbox was flooded today with about 100 emails from people asking why they hadn’t received my Newsletter in the last 3 days!

I looked into it and it looks like we’ve been TARGETED by Yahoo News.

They’re not only censoring us, but I’ve heard reports from people who saw our email VANISH from their inbox as they were reading it!

Here’s what I need you to do….

I need everyone to help us fight back!

Please follow these instructions below to whitelist [email protected] and [email protected]:

How to white list in Yahoo Mail (updated for 2022)

Also follow these:!-Mail

And one more:

How to Stop Yahoo from Blocking Your Emails

If you will please help us with all of those, that will be a HUGE help!

Thank you!

Now on with the news, and what a day we had….

Another big day today, with a lot of things you may have missed!

But we’re on the watch and we’ve got you covered!

We start with Ron DeSantis who just had his very own “Basket of Deplorables” moment….

Ron, this is just sad.

Is this what you really think of us?

Ron DeSantis Just Had His “Basket Of Deplorables” Moment

He’s toast!

He already was, but this is the final nail in the coffin.

Go home Meatball, but at this point I’m not sure if even Florida wants you!

Then we had this one today, but I gotta say I’m not sure if it’s an old photo or even a Bud Light….

Hard to tell!

Did Kid Rock Forgive Bud Light And End The “Buycott”?

Next up is something very near and dear to me, so I think you’ll want to see this.

I fully expect a new “outbreak” in 2024 and you can damn sure bet I’m going to be prepared.

Also….I can’t claim this is scientifically proven, but I have heard from MANY people that Ivermectin has reversed their cancer!

Have you heard that?

Want To Get LEGAL and SAFE Ivermectin? Here’s How…

Then I dove into this today, and no I’m not sorry!

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon…

Next is a story we first brought you on Friday, which continues to get a lot of attention…

Deranged Leftist Lights “TRUMP WON” Sign on Fire; There’s a $6K Reward to Identify Him

As I type this, it looks like we may have apprehended the suspect, but I’ll wait until I get confirmation to run the story.

Stay tuned tomorrow!

Has Hell frozen over?

Decide for yourself:

CNN “Warns” Viewers: If Trump Wins, He’s Not Going to Jail – Even in Georgia!

And my personal favorite story of the week, this has me cracking up every time I see it:

HILARIOUS New Trump Meme Videos Are Cracking Me Up!

And in case you missed it, a big update on Project Veritas:

BREAKING: Project Veritas Collapses — “Hannah Giles Just Fired Us All”

Before I go, one more….

This is so important.

Read here:

Conservatives Are Looking To Boycott And Move Spending Away From Woke Corporations — Here Is One Way To Do It

Ok, that’s a wrap.

Huge Sunday.

I’ll see you back here tomorow.

Your friend,



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