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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/3/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Historic day, but not necessarily in good ways.

Oh I think it will end up alright, but we’re getting a sneak peak into just how far and just how fast a democracy can crumble under a Dictatorship….

Isn’t it hilarious that EVERYTHING they accused Trump of doing and being, they are actually doing right now.

Big day today in D.C. as Trump was arraigned and pleaded NOT GUILTY:

BREAKING: Trump Pleads NOT GUILTY To All Charges

Damn right he did!

Not Guilty and also the man who will go down in history as saving this nation!

People from all walks of life rallied to show their support for our POTUS:

“Blacks For Trump” Rallying For President Donald J. Trump!

Trump finally has some GREAT attorneys.

Here is one:

Trump’s Attorney Brings Fire: “This Is Not A Coincidence…This Is Election Interference At Its Finest.”

She absolutely NAILS it when she breaks down that timeline!

Everyone needs to hear this!

And the biggest moment of the day was right here:

President Trump STARES DOWN Jack Smith, Speaks Out After Indictment

Meanwhile, this sick and evil man is reveling in his role as an Evil Dictator….

Hard to even believe:

DARK BRANDON: “I Like My Coffee Dark”

Even for him, that’s some evil stuff.

But what about the people who STILL support him?

Those are the worst of all.

John Lauro is another top Trump attorney and he’s also amazing!

It looks like the Deep State made a MASSIVE mistake in this latest filing….Trump has finally been given the LEGAL avenue to present all evidence of the stolen election.

Think that’s going to be fun?

I can’t wait!

Trump Attorney: We’re Going To Relitigate Every Single Issue From The 2020 Election!

Trump himself is telling you this is nearing a conclusion:

NEW FROM TRUMP: “This Is The Final Battle”

And then we go to Vivek, and you actually have to love this answer:

Vivek: Was 9/11 An Inside Job?

He only goes about 10% of the way to the finish line, but that’s ok!

We’ll take it the other 90%!

Big update on LeBron’s son from Dr. Peter McCullough:

Dr. Peter McCullough On LeBron James’ Son’s Cardiac Arrest And The Potential Role Of Spike Protein

And we end with our top story….

Patrick Bet-David on Joe Rogan and this is absolutely EPIC!

Here is a great clip:

(WATCH) “When Are You Having Trump On?”

PBD outclassing and outsmarting Rogan.

Rogan looked flat-footed.

PBD looked sharp.

Joe, you have a big platform but it can be taken from you in an instant.

Might want to wean off the drugs and have Trump on your show.

Just sayin’……

Your friend,



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