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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/6/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Sunday night Newsletter.

So much to show you tonight and I am more excited about our first article tonight than perhaps anything I’ve covered all year.

Yes, it’s really that big.

Take a look:

President Trump Just Confirmed It: “He Already Has All The Evidence!”

Get excited folks!

Things are coming to a conclusion soon and you’re going to LOVE how this movie wraps up.

Yes, indeed.

Ok, next up we go to a great story about Mitch McConnell:

Mitch McConnell Speech In Kentucky DROWNED OUT By Chants Of “RETIRE! RETIRE!”

Turns out even his home state doesn’t like him!

RETIRE you treasonous turtle!

You know who’s not a treasonous coward?

Mike Lindell.

Why is it that all the people who are private citizens seem to love our country and try to help it way more than those in CONgress?

Love everything Mike is doing, and if you’d like to support him now is a perfect time with this sale:

Transform Your Sleep With The All-In-One “Complete Mattress Sleep System” From MyPillow (Up To 50% Off — Plus Freebies!)

To everyone who thinks Trump is done, all I can say is….LOL!

Check this out first:

Trump Draws Largest Crowd At Alabama GOP Dinner EVER

And then I show you this:

Then we go to another treasonous RINO:

Mike Pence Suggest He Will Testify Against Trump if Asked

And the story that literally made my laugh out loud today…

I love this version of Trump!

We need more of this!

Rip these assholes apart sir!

President Trump Rips Pelosi: “A Psycho Who Will Someday Live In HELL!”

And let’s get them behind bars too, not just a verbal lashing.

But for now, we’ll take this!

Then we got to 9/11, something that has suddenly turned HOT.

First we have this:

Proof of 9/11 Controlled Demolition?

And then this:

Barry Wunsch: The Great Deception Is Coming To An End — GWB43 Going Down

Then we go to Vivek….

I have said I like Vivek.

But this is very troubling:

Exposing A Multi-BILLION Dollar Fraud — Ft. Vivek Ramaswamy?

Is he about to be DONE?

Meanwhile, even hardcore Anti-Trumpers are coming around and waking up!

“Awake, not Woke”

MUST SEE: Even Anti-Trumpers Are Now Waking Up!

And we end with our top story tonight….

Top story because it’s so important:

Conservatives Are Looking To Boycott And Move Spending Away From Woke Corporations — Here Is One Way To Do It

Ok, that’s a wrap.

Huge Sunday.

I’ll see you back here tomorow.

Your friend,



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