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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/14/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and oh what a day!

Last night I promised you I’d have my brand new interview with Bo Polny posted and here it is!

Trust me on this one, you will NOT be disappointed.

Oh my….


Bo Polny: The Most Important Day I’ve Been Watching Is Nearly Here! [Going To Be “Biblical

All I can say is “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Next up, in what can only be describe as very prophetic, I give you this:

WATCH: Royal Guard COLLAPSES At Queen’s Casket (Prophetic)

Sticking with prophetic messages, you might very much enjoy this one from Timothy Dixon:

Timothy Dixon: A Former First Lady Is About To Meet Her Maker (9/14/22)

And even one more, this one from Jonathan Cahn:

PROPHETIC UPDATE: Jonathan Cahn Explains Why Everything Happened

Next we move to Nancy Pelosi and her replacement when she leaves.

This is worse, right?

Meet Nancy Pelosi’s Replacement

The top story continues to be the highly illegal and intimidating RAID by the FBI of Mike Lindell at a Hardees drive through.

Unreal, take a look:

Mike Lindell RAIDED by the FBI!

Mike could sure use your support right now if you’re up for it:

In Wake Of FBI Raid, Here’s How You Can Support Mike Lindell

I don’t even know how this next one is legal, but this poor woman needs our help!

I’m furious!

Iowa Teen Trafficking Victim Ordered to Pay $150,000 Restitution to Family of Rapist She Killed

Just more massive injustice in America…

And we end with our top story…

I told you last night when this story broke that I suspected there was MUCH more to the story than just playing golf.

Today that is all but confirmed.

Details here:

4D Chess? President Trump Allegedly Holds Secret Meeting

Stick with WeLoveTrump and we’ll never steer you wrong!

Told ya we had a big day!

See you back here tomorrow.

And thank YOU for the honor to bring you this news every evening, it truly is something I love doing and I’m so happy its making a difference.

Thanks for being here!

Your friend,



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