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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/16/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

I want to start here for everyone who thinks it’s absurd that an actor could be playing Biden and wearing a mask:

ESPN Shows You How INSANELY GOOD Mask Technology Has Become!

Not crazy at all.

At lot harder to do on a Football field than behind a podium!

Next up, this is not getting nearly the attention it should:

The Most Important SCOTUS Case Of Our Time, Mere Weeks From Now?

And did we just avoid another Kennedy assassination?

Looks like it:

Fake Law Enforcement Agent Arrested Outside Robert F. Kennedy Event in Los Angeles

This came out earlier today:

Russell Brand Believes He Will Be Targeted Next With Serious Allegations

And shortly after the (fake?) allegations came out.

Look, I don’t know at this point if they’re real, but I do know this….

I know the Cabal has basically ONE playbook and it’s very predictable at this point.

If anyone speaks out against the Cabal, they frame you and defame you.

Whether it’s true or not.

And of course most times it’s not real, which is why it’s a “frame”.

It’s so predictable now it’s kind of sad.

So we will see what happens here, but as of right now I’m saying “sorry, we’ve seen this movie a million times before.  Try again!”

I also don’t really care about this story or all the fake outrage:

Lauren Boebert Issues Apology After ‘Falling Short Of Values’ In Movie Theater

Move on!

THIS is interesting though:

Woody Harrelson’s Father Was In The CIA?

And now let’s talk about TWO MORE Woke Companies destroying their brands.

First up:

Meet Doves New ‘Fat Acceptance Ambassador’ – #BoycottDove Trending

She looks like she has eaten a LOT of Dove Bars!

Way to become the “Fat Ambassador”!

Your parents must be so proud, what an achievement!

And it continues to get worse for the losers over at Bud Light:

Thought It Was Over? Things Get Even WORSE For Bud Light!

Awesome news to report next:

BREAKING: Texas AG Ken Paxton ACQUITTED In Impeachment Trial, Here Are The Details

And I love these:

People Are Raving About Mike Lindell’s Bible Story Pillows – “My 4 Grandkids Love Their Special Pillows!”

Great idea to stock up now for Christmas presents!

They don’t need another toy that will break in a week, but these could stay in their rooms all year long!

Great gift for kids or grandkids or anyone else!

I love this next one:

Tim Ballard Says He’s “Very Serious” About Taking Mitt Romney’s Senate Seat

And you know they’re about ready to throw this guy completely under the bus when even CNN is doing this:

CNN Finally Calls Out Biden For His Lies

We end with our top story….

Complete thuggery.

WARNING: this is very graphic and disturbing.

You may not want to see it.

I just have one simple question: Does this merit the Death Penalty?

DISTURBING: Las Vegas Teen Intentionally Hit Bicyclist With Car While Passenger FILMED It

That’s it for me tonight.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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