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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/18/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with you Monday night Newsletter.

Recently, each day seems busier than the last, and I realized today that I don’t think it’s going to slow down until after the 2024 election.

And like last time, I don’t expect the chaos to be over the day after the election either, I think it will spill over for several months.

So…I realized I’d better keep taking high doses of my vitamins and buckle up because we’ve got a busy season ahead of us!

Don’t worry, I’m ready for it!

My name is Noah and I’ll be your captain for the next two years (and following)!

Let’s fly the friendly skies together!

Speaking of flying, that takes us to the start of our news today.

We’re going to start with Commercial:

FAA Investigating Recent United Airlines Sudden Plunge…

And then go to Military….

One of the absolute craziest stories I’ve seen in a long time, the Military claims they “lost” an $80 million F-35 today.

And not misplaced on the ground either — no — lost in the air and put on Autopilot!

NOTHING about this story makes any sense and I’m calling BS:

The Missing F-35 Makes NO SENSE — How Is This Possible?

Then it got worse…

Then the Military issued a 2-day stand-down order on all U.S. fighter jets.

Gee, what could go wrong with that?!?

And why in the world do we need to ground all jets, what is going on?

How bad is this?

Did we basically just lose one of our 4 branches of armed forces?

FALSE FLAG IMMINENT? U.S. Military Issues 2-Day Stand-down Order For All Jets

The absolute PERFECT breeding ground for a False Flag.

Stay on guard.

The plane has now reportedly been found, but it doesn’t mean the story is any less weird or the risk of danger any less:

BREAKING UPDATE: F-35 Reportedly Found

While they weaken and destroy our Military, they’re also attacking our U.S. Dollar.

This is pretty stunning, check this out:

The EXACT Plan To Kill The U.S. Dollar REVEALED

Then we have this absolutely comical number:

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Sues The IRS!

Suing his Dad’s Government.

But that’s not even the funny part.

The funny (or sad) part is watching him play the Victim and attack the Good Guys.

Typical Dem playbook.

I absolutely love this next one….

Doing great things:

Here’s The Silent Boycott That Has Woke Corporations Running Scared. (Over 2 Million Patriots Have Joined The Revolution)

Next is a question I see asked a lot:  How are Melania and Barron.

POTUS answered today:

Trump Answers Questions About Melania and Barron

Next you have to see this one…..

Here’s what I posted to Twitter:

Ahhh, now do you see the plan?

Force all the retailers out of a city.

Removal all private business.

But you still need grocery stores right?

ENTER: Government Run Grocery Stores.

Now do you get it?

All planned in advance.

Evil stuff.

Read the full article here:

‘Soviet Style Central Planning’ Chicago Proposes Government-Ran Grocery Stores After Retailers Flee

More on the destruction of the banking system next:

Bank to Phase Out Cash, Cheque & Phone Payments in 2024 and Move to Digital-Only Transactions

And we end with our top story….

Love this guy!

GOP Billionaire Coming To President Trump’s Aid!

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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