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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/23/22



Hey friends,

Noah here…Happy Friday!

Big day, big night…

If you missed President Trump’s huge rally tonight, I’ve got you covered.

Watch here:

Watch Trump’s Friday Night Rally Live Here

And if you missed it because DirecTV and Dish have banned OANN, I’ve got you covered there too.

You need VuTV+.

It gets you every channel you could ever want, including RSBN and OANN, and it’s literally HUNDREDS of dollars per month less than dish and cable.

It’s pretty awesome, take a look here:

Switch To VuTV+ Now, Get OANN, Save Hundreds Each Month! [Limited Time Only]

Then we have a true stunner…

Patenting the LUCIFERase:

U.S. Files Patent For LUCIFERASE

We told you about this a year ago and MSM said it was “not true”.

Turns out we were right again!

This was interesting:

CNN Anchor Walks Off Set Mid Interview

Where is all the love and tolerance?

And there’s a reason they call him Pedo Peter!

This is why:

Biden SHOCKS Crowd with Love Interest: “She Was 12, I Was 30”

How sick can you get?

Can you even believe this next one?

They must be REALLY worried about how bad they’re going to lose that now they’re making it a law to allow for cheating (remember the overnight ballot drops) up to FIVE DAYS after the election!

House Passes Liz Cheney’s Election Bill: Allows Voting Up to 5 Days After Election; Dems to Take Over

What could possibly go wrong?

No possibility for fraud there, huh?

And then we go to Bill Gates…

Who is almost always weird and creepy, but he’s really outdone himself on this one.

If you’ve seen anything in your life creepier than this, I dare you to send it to me because I don’t think anything could possibly top this:

Creepy Bill Gates Posts Strange Video Promoting Genetically Modified Corn


Heads up about a MAJOR crash coming.

And remember, they always do them in September!

Bo Polny says it won’t just be a crash, it will be a “COLLAPSE”:

COLLAPSE: Major U.S. Retailers Suddenly Cancelling $Billions Of Dollars Of Orders…

And we end with our top story…

A red alert for this weekend:

PROPHETIC UPDATE: New York City NUKE Over The Weekend?

Actually, I can’t end there…

I have to give you one more bonus in case you missed this.

It literally might mean the difference between life and death:

Barry Wunsch: An Event Is Coming In The Next Few Days, In The U.S. Northeast…

Stay safe friends!

Tomorrow could be really ugly…

Let’s hope not.

I’ll report back tomorrow night with the full breakdown.

And remember to check NoahReport in the meantime for up-to-the-minute updates all day long, every day, 24/7:

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Your friend,



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