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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/28/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Wild stuff today and to prove it I’m starting out with this:

Philadelphia Phillies Fan Attempts to Enter Stadium With Emotional Support Alligator

Emotional Support Alligator….now I’ve really seen everything!

How much more “emotional support” do you need after it bites your arm off?


Also insane, what they’re doing to Mike Lindell:

Mike Lindell: “They Just Crippled MyPillow!”

Hate to see this.

Please give Mike your support, he needs it now more than ever.

Thank you!

Then we have what I’ve been warning you about….

US Dollar about to implode!

Gold/Silver/Crypto to spike higher?

Even Janet Yellen just told you:

Janet Yellen Confirms U.S. Dollar To Lose World Reserve Currency Status?

And this:

Federal Reserve Sounds Alarm, 2020-Style Disaster Coming Soon?

You can get Gold/Silver here if you want….

A company I trust:

Industry Secret Exposed: Why a Christian Gold Company Refuses to Offer “Free” Silver

Then we have this:

President Trump: “…In My Second Term, Which Is Sort Of Happening Now…”

What in the world?

How much do you need to see before you understand what he’s telling you?

Then we have this:

Native Americans Sue, Demand Team Name Go Back To REDSKINS

All the people the Far Left tries to “protect” don’t want anything to do with the Far Left or their “protection”!

Gotta love it!

Go Redskins!

And just know it pained me very much to say that as a Cowboys fan!

Then we go to Ron DeSantis and super creepy and super beta SoyBoy behavior:

Ron DeSantis Has Creepy New Moment At Debate

You think THIS guy can lead the Free World?

Give me a break.

Such a Beta.

Nikki Haley looks like she could rip his head off and eat it for breakfast.

Then we had more Biden info come out today:

WATCH BREAKING: House Reveals NEW Hunter Biden Texts, Read Them Here

And the absolute strangest story of the day next….

Heck, strangest story of the month!

Did not expect to be talking about Circumcision today!

STRANGE: “Pink” Stops Concert To Argue With Fan Over Circumcision

I’m not taking sides in that debate, I just don’t know why we’re even talking about it!

Then we have something you MUST see:

When THIS Happens To The Dollar, YOUR LIFE Will COMPLETELY Change…

Relates back to the top part of this report.

You are about to learn why this is so important….

And sometimes you just gotta laugh.

This is funny:

Matt Gaetz Does A Seinfeld

And we end with our top story:

Huge Explosion at Airport Kills Boy, Injures 163 Others

I’m off to bed!

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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