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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/29/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with you Thursday night Newsletter and what a day we had!

Got a couple extra articles in here tonight, so let’s get right into it.

Starting with something that is really troubling to me.

I like Elon Musk…or at least I want to like Elon.

I know some of you don’t trust him.

And for all of you, this is one more reason why you feel that way:

Elon Musk Tortured and Killed 23 Monkeys?

I am hoping he is on the right side of things, but you can’t spin this as good news.

Very concerning.

Next we move to DARPA.

In the news twice today.


DARPA Worked on Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to ‘Combat Malaria’: Hidden Purpose?

And then this:

Top DARPA Scientist Exposes The Truth: Invisible Nanotech Weapons Already Being Used!

Next we move to Hurricane Ian and this one…

Sharks or alligators…or both?

Sharks Are Swimming In The Streets Of Florida

I love Florida, but my goodness it is a terrifying place to live!

Then we have a special announcement from Dr. Zelenko and the Z-Stack, especially if you have kids!

In His Last Days, Dr. Zelenko Created A Video About His Proudest Creation: Kids Z-Stack

Moving on, we have this…

I mean, who could have predicted trouble?

Oh right, we did:

Army’s First Trans Officer Indicted for Selling Secrets to Russia

HUGE news next on the Seth Rich story.

No, it is NOT going away:

BREAKING: FBI Ordered to Produce Information Related to Seth Rich’s Laptop

Then we have a really hard video to watch.

But even tougher to understand the level of brainwashing possible to make someone be personally injured so badly and still defend what injured them.


Honestly, this is so sad on so many levels:

Canadian Actress Suffers Vaccine Injury, Says She Would Do it Again (WATCH)

Your thoughts?

And we end with our top story…

Coolio died yesterday, but the reason may not be what we all initially thought.

This is breaking wide open:

HUGE: Coolio Was Working To Expose Sex Trafficking Right Before His Death!

We’ll continue to follow the story…

That’s all for tonight.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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