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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/6/22




Hey friends,

Noah here and I hope you are doing great!

Everything good?

Return to work good?

Not only did you return to work but the Deep State returned to their work and what a day of news I have to share with you!

We start with a favorite of mine…

A young liberal decided to attend a Trump rally just to see how bad it really was, and guess what?

He was stunned.

Here’s why:

Liberal Shocked After Attending Trump Rally…

I wonder how many millions of people would have the same experience if they actually used their OWN eyes and ears and didn’t just listen to what the Crooked MSM told them?


Next up is a big update from everyone’s newest favorite Army Vet:

Derek Johnson: Covert Operations!

This guy is hitting it out of the park and I’m so excited to bring you his latest video.

I love hearing your thoughts and I love to see how much you are agreeing with what’s he’s saying!

Next up, it’s last call if you wanted to get in on Bo Polny’s Easy Crypto School….

I got you a big discount from our latest interview, but that ends today, so if you wanted it you have a few more hours to claim it:

LAST CALL: Easy Crypto School

I’m hoping to get Bo back on my show next week, but nothing is confirmed yet.

September is going to be historic!

And then we have this:

Zelensky Rings The Opening Bell At The NYSE?

Wait, isn’t this guy at War and in a fight for his life?

But he has time to Zoom in to the NYSE?


Is anyone believing this at this point?

And how much have we already given him, $130 billion?

He still needs more?

But to the critics I saw this: do you not remember when Churchill and Roosevelt paused the war with Germany to head over to the New York Stock Exchange and ring the opening bell?

Oh right….

Sorry, nevermind.

That would have been INSANE.

And so is this.

Insane and/or a total and complete psyop.

Speaking of psychos, what is this creep doing in MO?

Why is the World Economic Forum in Missouri?

And speaking of creeps, looks like Joe just got busted big time!

Joe Biden Ordered Mar-a-Lago Raid, According to Court Documents

This next story should be front page news on every newspaper and TV news broadcast in the country….

But of course we are just about the only ones covering it:

REPORT: High School Athlete Has SIX FEET of Blood Clots Removed From Legs


And we end with our top story, sure to make you furious:

Here’s Where Your COVID Relief Funds Went…(HINT: Not Much COVID Relief)

Anyone else tired of paying taxes for this BS?

Supporting garbage like this and garbage like Ukraine?

It’s treason if you ask me….

Your friend,



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