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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/8/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

HUGE Rally tonight in South Dakota:

One of America’s BEST Governor’s just endorsed President Trump:

Thank you Kristi, very wise.

If you missed the Rally or want to Live Stream with us, go here:


Ok, now let’s hit the rest of the news because it was a huge day.

First up, what is going on here?

New Court Document Refers To “JFK Jr.” — Twice!

Judges don’t typically make mistakes like that, do they?

Next we have a huge update on this story:

UPDATE: Did India Fake Its Moon Landing?

And it takes a lot to have a new 9/11 story I have never seen before, but today I found one.

This is wild:

Kite. Hit. Steel. Plane. Must.

This next one is very scary:

Pilot of Commercial Flight Incapacitated

Do you feel safe flying right now?

Me either.

Good thing they have all that DIVERSITY though, very DIVERSE airplane when it crashes!

You’ll head into the afterlife full of DIVERSITY!

Gotta love this next one, even Meg Kelly is getting red-pilled:

Megyn Kelly Explains Why She Regrets Taking COVID-19 Shot

And this was renewed today EXACTLY like we expected!

And EXACTLY like Biden would never do under his own cognition:

BREAKING: “Joe Biden” Just Extended President Trump’s Executive Order 13848 — AGAIN!

Tells you all you need to know.

Then we had Ronald DeSantis try to go “Tough Guy”.

Really bad look.

This guy is so fake.

Holden Caulfield thinks he’s a phony:

Ron DeSantis Tries To Go “Tough Guy”

Fascinating video on how Ivermectin works:

Watch: How Ivermectin Kills Parasites On Video!

And perhaps my favorite story of the day which has nothing to do with politics.

The Bible they DON’T teach on in church will explain so much.

Suddenly, the Bible and your faith will come alive when you understand.

From the wonderful Dr. Michael Heiser, this is a true gem….enjoy:

The Bible That Your Pastor Won’t Teach You!

And next up, I know we have a TON of small business owners in here.

Or medium or large business owners!

Heck, I am one myself!

If that’s you, trust me you need to read this:

An IMPORTANT Message For CONSERVATIVE Small Business Owners! [From NOAH]

And one that is causing a lot of controversy and arguments due to extreme Cognitive Dissonance, but that’s ok.

You need to see it anyway:

Chemtrails Exposed: Poison In The Sky Above You!

Wow, big day.

I’m tired, I’m calling a lid! 🤣

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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