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Noah’s NOON Newsletter – 5/14/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here and I’m back with another Noon email update.

I’m going to be doing these all week this week as I continue to work through our Newsletter Migration.

I hope you don’t mind getting some extra news?

As always, this service is 100% FREE and I hope it benefits and blesses you.

I loved hearing from all of you yesterday confirming you received this ok.

One of the reasons for the migration is that we’re really under attack right now….a lot of these emails are going into the Spam folder for a lot of people.

So I’d love your help all week long and even next week to please check your Spam folder often and if you see us in there please move us to the Inbox.

That actually helps a LOT because it sends a message back to the email companies that this is an email people value and want to read in their INBOX.

The next thing you can do is add my email address ([email protected]) to your Address Book.

That also helps a ton.

The email companies figure that you want to receive emails from anyone in your address book, so that helps keep it out of Spam.

The third thing you can do is make sure you actually click one of the links each time you receive an email.

Same story here, clicking on a link and reading the article shows the email companies you value this information.

And fourth, continue to shoot me a reply if you receive this ok.

All of that makes such a big difference!

And now for the mid-day update…’re gonna love all three of these:

First was this epic implosion:

Michael Cohen’s Secret Recording of Trump Backfires, Proves Trump’s Innocence!

If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was purposefully trying to tank this case for the Prosecution.

Then we had this incredible turn of events:

Here Comes The Cavalry: Bugum, Vivek, Donalds, Johnson, Mills and More Stand With Trump At NYC Trial!

And last was this beauty from Vivek:

MUST SEE: Vivek Absolutely NAILS It — Trump Is Gagged, But Vivek Isn’t and He Just Let Loose!

Ok, that's a wrap for now, I'll see you back here tonight for our normal report.

Your friend,



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