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Noah’s NOON Newsletter – 5/16/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday NOON update just like I promised.

I initially planned to only do these Noon updates this week, but then a funny thing happened…

Yesterday I ran a Poll asking you all whether you’d be interested in receiving these on a regular basis.

It’s more work for me, but our Mission to get the truth out is what’s most important, so if we can do something new to further that goal then I’m all in.

So I ran the poll and I was blown away when the results came back like this:

So that’s 86% of people saying YES, you’d like to get these daily Noon updates on a regular basis.


Ok, so I’ll figure out a way to make that happen and for everyone who voted NO, don’t worry….this will be entirely Opt-In only.

Like everything we do, it will be a FREE service, but only those people who Opt-In and want the Noon Newsletter update will get it.

Everyone else can continue to receive only the nightly one like normal.

Kind of like the old Burger King ads, remember those?

“Get it your way!”

That’s how we roll here.

Ok, so that’s my update about us, but most important here are the top 3 breaking news reports as of right now…

First up, Cohen continues to absolutely implode — and it’s glorious:

Alvin Bragg’s Case Continues To Fall Apart As Michael Cohen Implodes On Cross-Exam

If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were tanking this case on purpose!

Then we have Robert you know who that is?

You might know him better by this book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

He's a financial genius and he just published this, which is EXACTLY what Bo Polny and I have been warning you about for over a year:

Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Hyperinflation, Depression During Visit to BRICS Nation South Africa

I love it when our reporting is confirmed by really smart people!

And last up, this will blow your mind....

I like to think I'm up to speed on most of these things, but even I didn't know this one until now:

The Mysterious Connections of DARPA, Facebook, Amazon, and Jeff Bezos’s Family History

But go ahead and keep believing the story that all these Big Tech guys just started their businesses in their garages and amazingly beat all odds to grow the biggest companies in the world.

Yeah, either that or they have MAJOR funding and support behind the scenes like DARPA.

The one exception I believe was Steve Jobs who I believe DID actually start Apple in his garage with Woz, and Jobs was a free thinker and not part of the club, so I think that's why they had to take him out.

Errrrrr, sorry......"that's why he sadly got cancer and died rapidly".

Ok, I gotta run.

See you all back here tonight.

Your friend,



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