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Noah’s SECOND Nightly Newsletter – 6/27/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your SECOND Thursday night Newsletter.

That’s right, because of the debate I have a second update for you tonight.

And if you missed my first one you can find it right here:

Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/27/24

Wow, that was really something, wasn't it?

There is almost no debate that President Trump won by a landslide (even among liberals), but that is NOT a good thing.

I'll explain why at the end.

First, let me give you all the other updates....

Starting with Buddy Brown who was 100% right with this one:

Something VERY EVIL Will Be INSIDE The Presidential Debate Tonight

I love this epic "Double Bind" from Trump to Biden:

JUST IN: Joe Biden Has REFUSED To Take The Drug Test Proposed By President Trump Before The Debate

Before the debate started, Gavin Newsom was spotted.

More on that in a minute.

Gavin Newsom Spotted In The Spin Room Of The CNN Atlanta, Georgia Debate To Help Biden

Joe looked terrible from the moment he arrived:

Joe Biden Arrives At The Debates — Looks Terrible and Tired!

We all expected it would get better when they pumped in the drugs right before it started....

But it did not.

More on that in our top story.

President Trump arrived on his private jet and was greeted with a Hero's Welcome!

President Trump Receives A Hero’s Welcome In Atlanta! “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Trump looked spry, young, sharp, smart.....and was calm, cool and collected all night.

But he still got in this classic line:

DEBATE: The “Because You’d Be In Jail” Moment

My favorite part was when the Border Patrol live Tweeted to call out Biden's lie:

The Border Patrol Just Fact-Checked Biden LIVE On Twitter

This was really good:

President Trump Has the Greatest Response to Biden Calling Him a “Sucker” and “Loser”

Another Biden lie exposed here:

Biden LIES, Says No Troops Have Been Killed Since He Took Office

But we end with our top story....

My phone is blowing up with people texting me asking my opinion.

The debate was great, right?

Trump won, right?

Biden imploded, right?

This is so great, right?

Well, yes and no.

All of those things are true, but the conclusion is NOT fact, it's very bad.

And it's exactly what we've been warning you about for months.

Read here:

DEBATE UPDATE: Joe Biden Imploded Tonight, No One Disagrees — But Here’s Why That’s Very BAD News!

I'll be back tomorrow with a bunch more.

Your friend,



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