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NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Vows to Mandate Experimental COVID-19 Jabs for School Kids



The New York City mayoral election is less than three weeks away and Democrat Eric Adams is the front-runner to win the race.

Reports surfaced Friday of the direction Adams will take for the diabolical push to have children injected with the COVID-19 jabs.

Similar to California, Adams indicated he would mandate the jabs for kids to attend class.

Not even Mayor De Blasio has taken that extreme step.

For NYC parents who refuse to let their children be Big Pharma guinea pigs, Eric Adams must not become mayor.

The only alternative is remove children from public schools to avoid this evil agenda targeting them.

From NY Daily News:

Democratic mayoral contender Eric Adams signaled a significant gap between he and Mayor de Blasio’s thinking when it comes to COVID vaccine mandates Friday when Adams said he’d mandate that school children receive shots in order to attend class.

“This is a city and country where we do vaccinate. I was vaccinated for smallpox, for mumps, measles and so many others,” said Adams during an interview on WCBS 880. “We already have a system in place that states before you start school you receive your vaccination. It is to protect the child and the student population.”

Adams, who’s facing longshot Republican candidate in this November’s election, said as long as a COVID vaccine for kids has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it should be mandated as required to attend school.

For weeks, de Blasio has urged the federal government to move forward with approving vaccines for kids under 11, a tool he views as essential to returning the city to some semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy. But while he’s issued vaccine mandates for teachers and other school workers, he’s remained hesitant about announcing similar directives for students 12 and older, who are now eligible to be inoculated.

“I feel very strongly that our kids need to be in school,” he said Friday during an interview on WNYC. “I’m not ready to exclude a child because their parents don’t want them to be vaccinated.”

FOX 5 New York weighed in:

Current mayor, Bill de Blasio, when asked Wednesday said he can’t support such a rule. He says kids need to be in school “no matter what.” And he believes too many parents are, at this point, unwilling “to give that consent,” which would lead to some kids not attending school.

Gov. Kathy Hochul, asked Wednesday whether she’d support a vaccine mandate for students said she is “certainly willing to look” at it.

Eric Adams’ position on student vaccine mandates is somewhat of a reversal of a position he took during a NY1 democratic primary debate in May when indicated opposition to such a requirement in schools.

The only NYC mayoral candidate who has vowed to end all COVID-19 mandates is Conservative Bill Pepitone:

Republican Curtis Sliwa’s plan would require weekly testing for those who refuse the COVID-19 jabs.

Sliwa’s weekly testing requirement is still medical tyranny since the PCR test nasal swabs expose recipients to Ethylene Oxide.

No mandated jabs.

No mandated testing.

No medical tyranny.

For NYC voters who value medical freedom, the choice is clear.

New York Teachers for Choice endorsed Conservative Party Candidate Bill Pepitone for Mayor of NYC:

from Michael Kane & TEACHERS FOR CHOICE


I am not a conservative, I am a progressive unionist.

Bill Pepitone is the Conservative Party Candidate for Mayor of NYC.

However I am also effectively a one-issue voter because I see clearly if we don’t have the freedom to walk into a restaurant, a museum, a library or a school building without showing “proof of vaccination” then we are not free in NYC.

Eric Adams is the Democratic nominee for NYC mayor. Back in March of 2020 he was asked if he would mandate the covid vaccine for teachers and students. At that time he clearly indicated he would not do so.

He lied to everyone.

Today he is being quoted by the press as saying Mayor de Blasio’s Draconian forced vaccination policy in NYC Schools is “going in the right direction.” Clearly Adams can’t be trusted.

I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TFC) do not endorse every position Pepitone holds in his platform, but nevertheless we are proud to offer him our endorsement to be the next mayor of NYC!

Pepitone has supported TFC from the very beginning. Protests in the snow, in front of UFT Headquarters, in front of City Hall, at Foley Square, every event we were involved in, every time we called him he has been with us supporting the freedom to choose what does and does not go into our own bodies. We cannot say that about any other mayoral candidate. Not one of them has stood with us.

Pepitone is against vaccine passports and forced vaccine mandates especially as they relate to the covid vaccine. He will bring back the teachers and educators currently placed on unpaid leave for not complying with de Blasio’s forced covid vaccine policy, and he will allow unvaccinated parents to enter their children’s school buildings once again.


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