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Strict Washington D.C. COVID-19 Policies Cause Schools to Go Without Clean Drinking Water



COVID-19 restrictions have caused common sense to fly out the door.

School districts in Democrat-led cities may be the best example of this.

These leaders create a panic about a virus most population groups have a 99.9% survival rate.

Yet, they ignore the basics humans need to survive.

Apparently, clean drinking water is one of them.

Washington D.C. is among the most poorly ran cities in America.

Its school district has extremely strict COVID-19 protocols and recent events caused students & faculty to go without drinking water.

Normal water fountains were closed due to COVID-19 and replaced with water bottle filler fountains.

However, some schools don’t have the infrastructure for those fountain types.

The school district sent water coolers to those schools.

But due to inefficiency, multiple schools ran out of water.

It took loud complaints from a teacher on social media to rectify the issue.

Read more below:

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Washington, D.C., school employees were forced to drive to Costco for clean water after the city shut down drinking fountains as part of its stringent COVID-19 policies, according to a local teacher.

D.C. has shut off drinking fountains in public schools during the COVID-19 pandemic as a “health and safety measure,” but it has failed to maintain supplies for hundreds of children. Bethany Rosera, a teacher at Stuart-Hobson Middle School, told the Washington Free Beacon her school ran out of the water jugs the district had provided as an alternative on Tuesday, leaving students and educators without drinking water.

“We ran out of water [on Tuesday] and our admin drove twice to Costco to fill up their own car with water in the middle of the day so we could get through the end of the day and have some for [Wednesday] if a delivery didn’t occur,” Rosera said.

The school “communicated with [D.C. Public Schools] about the situation but the water was still not replaced,” Rosera said, so she took to Twitter on Tuesday to bring attention to the situation. After her Twitter thread went viral, a delivery truck arrived at the school first thing Wednesday morning to replace the water. Rosera attributed the city’s prompt response to the attention her posts received.

The Expose added this:

According to Rosera, even when the school did have alternative water in stock, using it was a “logistical nightmare.” She said that D.C public schools’ poor responsiveness to students’ needs is part of an ongoing pattern of ignoring issues until the community learns about them and parents become outraged.

She said: “Only the ‘loudest’ problems get solved immediately. There are schools with problems that aren’t tweeted about that aren’t acknowledged at all.”

Other schools in the same district have reported similar problems. One teacher at Brightwood Education Campus said that her school went without clean drinking water for three days due to the extreme measure.

Washington D.C schools are seeing some of the strictest Covid-19 measures in the nation. Under Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, they have instituted restrictions such as universal masking, weekly testing of 10 percent of their students and social distancing.

Two weeks ago, Bowser announced that teachers and all other adults who work at public, charter, private and parochial schools, as well as childcare facilities, must be fully vaccinated by November 1st, while students older than 12 will also need to be jabbed if they want to take part in school-based extracurricular activities.


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